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Working from home

It seems every time I end up working from home it’s because of the combination of my idiocy and snow. 

I got all the way to my cube today before I realized I’d left my computer at home.  And because of our spring snow storm, I decided to stick it out in my living room for the rest of the day.  

I’m terribly bored.  

It’s not that I don’t have a lot of work to do, it’s just that the VPN is pert slow in my living room, so I sit here waiting for a database to load on my work computer while blogging on my home putes. 


So…what’s up, guys?  How was your weekend? How about this weather, huh? Pretty crazy. Ha.


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My Best Friend Hoggle

I really really want to be friends with this guy: 

Not even a small part of me is joking.

Gotta go.

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Saluton Amikos!

Long time blog readers may remember a young fellow by the name of Andrew. Here is a 2006 entry to jog your memory.  Andrew came into our lives, and small group, like a joy-filled tornado.  He then jetted himself off to Japan for a year, leaving us bereft and alone yet filled to the brim with fond memories.

Last week Andrew dug up an old email chain (click the above link for more about that email) and reply-alled, informing us that he would be in Minneapolis for a few days and would love to drum up a reunion with the “gang” at our old stomping grounds (Holy Land).  This gang consists of Ben, Anna Leisa, myself, and Andrew.  And even though we only dined on gyros from Holy Land once as a foursome, it still affectionately reminds us all of each other.

Long story short, we planned ourselves a reunion there yesterday and gorged on falafel.  We even claimed our old table!  Boom!

Reunion pictures!

The whole gang:

We took many of the above types of pictures, but most of them ended up cutting Andy out.  Like this one, for instance:

This was when they called Andy’s order number.  Look how THRILLED he is at the prospect of falafel:

The brown-loving boy portion of the ol’ gang:

The Diet-Mountain-Dew-loving girl portion of the ol’ gang:

Anna Leisa spilled falafel all over her pants and cried for 25 minutes:

Then we talked about things and there was much laughter:

Pure unadulterated joy:

Little known facts that I gleaned from yesterday’s gathering:

  1. Ben and Anna Leisa regularly have dreams where their teeth fall out.  Andy and I never have.  What does it mean?
  2. Andy and I regularly have dreams where people are chasing us.  Ben and Anna Leisa never have (In Ben’s dreams, he does the chasing).  What does it mean?
  3. There is apparently a language that was invented in the 1800s called Esperanto.  Did you know?  It was meant to be a shared second language for the population of the entire world.  I’m not sure why it didn’t work out.  A movie was even made in Esperanto, starring William Shatner himself.


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Hey everyone,

If you (or someone you know) is shopping around for some excellent soy wax candles, I think you should consider making Milton and Margie’s Soy Wax Candles your first stop, all right? 

That link is the Etsy shop for my good friend, Jess.  But I’m not linking her because we’re good friends.  I’m linking her because soy wax candles are an eco-friendly choice as far as candles go, AND Jess seriously makes great ones.

Like this campfire-scented one!  Who wouldn’t want this?

I’ve seen Jess’s candle “factory” firsthand.  I’ve seen all the materials and I’ve smelled all the wax, so trust me:  these are some excellent candles.

And to keep with my theme of pop culture icons from the past without getting too far off the topic of Jess, here is a picture of Don Knotts – a beloved actor of ours:

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Yesterday, between a delicious Easter meal and a delicious Easter dessert, we played a delicious game of Acquire.

Oh, the dissonance.  Certainly the last thing Easter represents is the acquiring and merging of various hotel chains.  

Having said that, I think it would be safe to state that this is the best game of all time.  Move over, Skip-Bo!  High stakes adventure in the world of high finance has just taken you down. 

Have any of you ever played this game?  It’s kind of like Monopoly, but more like real life.  The version we played with was the original version put out by 3M in their “bookshelf game series,” but I think other, less superior, versions have also been made.  

I got second place!

Insert abrupt conclusive statement here.

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Tummy Aches

The phrase “tummy ache” used to make me giggle.  When regular words are mixed with baby words, I can’t help but giggle.  “Portable Potty” is my other favorite.

But I digress. This morning I am not laughing.  Y’all, my tummy is aching.  It’s probably because I ate the equivolent of four dinners last night, 1/2 of which was either pizza or chicken pot pie related (no regrets though – Mark, Brigitte and I watched Carrie last night and nothing less unhealthy would’ve been appropriate.  (Triple negative!)).

So today my stomach is irate.  IRATE.  I mean, it’s cool, whatever.  I’ll just drink water and eat good food and hopefully my stomach will forgive me.

And with that I wish you a happy Friday. May you digest well.

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Have you ever heard of The Hugga Bunch?  I know my parents have.   This was a movie I insisted on renting weekly in my younger years.  It taught me that hugging literally solves all of life’s problems.

As a result, I spent the rest of my life giving my parents hugs as birthday and Christmas presents.  And even today I’d say that hugging is better than just about everything else in the world.

All because of some puppets from Hugga Land in a forty minute long Hallmark made-for-tv movie:

To my delight, I discovered last night that almost the entire movie is on youtube. 

Unfortunately it was missing the first 10-minute segment. In case you decide to search for it and watch the remaining parts, here is what you’d miss:

  • The little girl, Bridget, puts all kinds of stuff on her pancake.
  • They decide to ship Grandma off to a retirement home.
  • Huggins comes through the mirror.
  • They have a tea party.
  • They steal her brother’s baseball hat.
  • And huggins accidentally wanders into the washing machine.

The basic plot of the movie is that Bridget is sad that her Grandmother is getting older and she wants to know how to stop it.  Huggins tells her hugging stops aging, but Bridget doesn’t believe her.  So Huggins suggests seeing the Book Worm – who knows everything. She takes her through the mirror to Hugga Land to visit the Worm. He tells her that the aging of grandmothers may be slowed down and sometimes halted by:

  1. A great deal of affection
  2. An abundance of hugging
  3. (This is very important) The knowledge that they are needed.
  4. Or the fruit from the Youngberry Tree, located in the land of shrugs.

But the first three are better.

Anyway, long story short, the youngberries don’t work out so they just hug the grandmother and tell her they need her and the parents decide to not ship her off afterall. 

Then we learn that age is meaningless and “you are as young as you are loved.”

You are as young as you are loved.

Think about it.

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