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Time to Blog

It’s no secret that I need to blog.  I’ve had just about enough nagging emails for one fortnight.

So what’s new in the Chrissy world?

  • Well, the absolute latest event in my life is that I am currently eating macaroni and cheese with my fingers.  With my fingers!  Isn’t that endearing?
  • I’m also getting over a cold.  It was one of those good ones where I sounded like the Grandmother from the Magic Bullet infomercials.  You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.
  • We played Lingo again this week.  This time Jess won bacon.  No joke, you guys. Bacon.
  • Last night I made a delicious “smoothie.”  If you have peaches, strawberries, a banana, nutella, and vanilla yogurt floating around.  For the love of Pete and Pete, magic-bullet them together as soon as possible.
  • Rachel owns a magic bullet.  I will never be able to leave her side.  Two unrelated sentences.
  • I’m moving cubes today.  I’m officially now only one cube away from a window, and a window with a nice view too!  Also, I’ll be on the side of the office where actual people are.  Farewell, cubicle.  The times:  they have been good.
  • I LOVE macaroni and cheese!

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Who’s on first?

We were about to go over this week’s lesson plan at tonight’s MMMP leaders’ meeting, when Leon saw written under the Announcements section: “quien sabe?”

This conversation then happened:

Leon:  What’s “quien sabe?”?
Me:  Who knows.
Leon:  Yeah, that’s why I’m asking.
Me:  No, it means “Who-”
All of us:  (unending giggles) 


It’s the simple things in life. 

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Words I recently began loving

  1. “Singularly.”  You know who used this word all the time?  Edgar Allen Poe.  Singularly this, singularly that.  Ironically, he caused “singularly” to lose all its singularity.  Still love it though.

  2. “How come.”  I challenge you to go an entire day replacing “why” with “how come.”  It’ll probably turn out to be the best, most giggle-infested, day of your life.

  3. “Plump.”  This is actually less like love and a lot more like hate, but there’s a story:  I listened to an audio version of The Man Who Would Be King this weekend, and one of the characters told another character that he should find “a plump wife that would keep him warm in winter.”  …  Oh to live in a civilization that puts value neither on a woman’s external beauty NOR in her character, but rather in the singular warmth of her excess fat during the wintertime.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Fairwell Golden Birthday

On August 23rd, 2006, I turned 23.

Ah, my golden birthday.

A baffling amount of fuss was made.
It was all I could blog about for months!

It really did turn out to be the celebration of all celebrations. There were concerts, movies, lunches, dinners, surprise parties, kidnappings, streamers, piñatas, gold face paint, amusement parks: all for the purpose of me turning the same age as the August calendar date that marks my birthday.

I said this in 2006, and I’m sure I’ll say it for a long time to come: The Golden Birthday is the most important celebration of your life. You gotta milk it as much as possible or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

Personally, I chose to celebrate mine for 18 months.

What I didn’t consider was that those 18 months would at some point have to come to an end.

Today, exactly 1.5 years after my actual Golden Birthday, marks the unfortunate completion of all GB celebrations. We’re done, guys. My time in the sun has passed. You can stop sending me care packages and Pizza Hut coupons now. Lee can stop starting every conversation we have with “Happy Birthday CG.” Everybody can stop sending me those hallmark e-cards (with the little ceaselessly hyper guys that run and sing) everyday. In fact, you might as well stop thinking of me all together. It was a glorious 548 days, but it’s time to grow up and move on.

I’ll have to start paying for my own TGI Fridays’ ice cream sundaes now, but it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine.

So…anybody catch that lunar eclipse Wednesday night? The moon, like, went away. Pretty crazy, huh?

I am so terribly depressed.

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Yet another surprise holiday graced my life this past weekend. 

It all started on Thursday night when at the onset of a Valentine’s Day celebration, I bemoaned to my companion, regarding the more recent stressful conditions at my workplace:  “Oooft.  I could really use a day off.”

The next day, which was Friday, the day after Thursday, three people wished me a happy long weekend before I realized we had Monday off.  Three people!  That, my friends, makes me more than deserving of the title “complete moron.” Don’t you think?

The first was one of my managers.  We were on the phone discussing a recent project and he signed off by saying, “Well, Christine.  Have a great long weekend!”  I replied, “You too!”  But in my head I was thinking: “Yeah, I do hope it feels long.”

The second was at the close of a conference call.  The host wrapped up with a friendly “Have a great long weekend everybody.”  I hardly gave his salutation a thought as I had to immediately jump onto another conference call.

The third was one hour later, as we were getting off of that call (which was with a bunch of people in Oklahoma).  The host said “Have a great long weekend everybody!”  I hung up the phone and thought to myself, “Huh.  I wonder if people in Oklahoma have a special holiday this weekend or something.”

Then I looked at my holiday calendar and saw a big, bold, beautiful H beaming from my February 18th.

President’s Day!  Huzzah!!  You’ve fooled me once again!

Anyway, it was really nice to get that day off I was craving, but now it’s Tuesday the 19th. So once again I’ve managed to write something completely and utterly irrelevant for you, my loyal readers. Aren’t I endearing?

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Helpful HFCS Tip

For those of you who are also trying to purify your souls, minds, and bodies of the evils of High Fructose Corn Syrup, I thought I’d give you a helpful tip regarding barbecue sauce. 

I’m making Hamburger Bean Pie today (thanks Mom!) and, in preparation, had to make a barbecue sauce purchase yesterday. 

Whether you know this already or not:  just about every barbecue sauce out there has high fructose corn syrup in it. Seriously, look at the labels.  If you don’t have the funds to buy organic everything, might I suggest Ken Davis’ Original Bar-B-Q-Sauce. 

Ken Davis.  He knows what’s up.  It’s probably that Original Secret Recipe of his.

Secrets are the key to life. That’s what I’ve always said.

Except it’s not really all that secret because the ingredients were on the back.  And, to my delight, HFCS was not present. 

So anyway, if you’re shopping for Barbecue sauce, I highly suggest the above.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

From my family to yours.


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