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Where’s the pizza?

Today is cube clean day – my cube was relatively clean already so I just threw some stuff away, glass cleanered my desk and keyboard (which was really sticky from yesterday’s monstrosity), shuffled my hands swiftly, and presto-chango!  Clean cube!

There’s no pizza though. I distinctly heard there would be pizza.*  The worst part is that I smell pizza.  My cube is clean, and yet, no pizza.  But I smell the pizza.  Do you find a logical dilemma here? 

As logic was often used in my philosophy classes, I must wonder if this could become a philosophical or theological debate.   Judging from the conversation Emily and I had this morning, I think I would answer “yes.”** Pizza?  Cubes?  You tell me.  There’s no right or wrong.

*I didn’t hear there would be pizza, everyone else heard there would be pizza.  I just forgot to bring a lunch.

 **Emily and I did talk about philosophy and theology this morning, but those sentences still don’t make sense.


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Emporium Extraordinaire

In the building complex that Ann and I work at there’s a little store, and it’s called the “Emporium Extraordinaire.”  It’s right next to the hair salon and across from the diamond store (seriously).

I met a man named Yassir there earlier this week.  He saw The Last Lion and said “that’s a really good book” – we spent a few moments talking about how narcissistic Winston Churchill was, and also why it’s beneficial to know about his life.  We also talked about it being strange that anyone had even heard of this book, let alone read it.  This awkward little interaction made me laugh all day.  Just ask Ann, we like to meet at the EE at 2:00 for snacks.

Why would anyone name a store that?

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The Monstrosity

I can’t believe I ate the whooole thing!

The comment section of my last post has my real-time progression, but here is a picture series of probably the worst lunch experience of the year.  I seriously feel like I might pass out right now. 

This is a little over half way there (you can see my relief bag of wheat thins in the background):


This was part of my way through the seeds:


Two more bites to go!:




I counted the seeds – there were 14 sitting there, and I know at least one dropped.  That mutated apple had at least 15 seeds inside of it! 

Anyway, this was pretty agonizing, and looking back I don’t know why I did it of my own volition…do I even get a t-shirt?

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1 lb. 4 oz.



That is one big apple, don’t you think?  Anna Leisa and I discovered these giant honeycrisps at the Roseville Target last Sunday.  I bought two and ate the one pictured above Monday night (although I couldn’t finish it).  The other is sitting to my left right now, uneaten. 

This is a shot of the Honeycrisp in between a grapefruit and another apple.  As you can see, it is much larger than both:


This is that apple all sliced up:


Yesterday my coworker and I brought it around to as many people in the office as we could find (which is not many on a wednesday).

Coworker #1:


Coworker #2:


Coworker #3: 


Coworker #4:


And that’s it!  Today I’m going to eat that apple!

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Dental Delight

Early this morning I met Beth for coffee, and despite the caffeine headache I would inevitably get for making this decision, I didn’t order any. Why? Well, I’ll tell you. I had a dentist appointment today.

Normally I dread the dentist…my parents have blessed me with many things, but I’m not sure good teeth genes is one of them (I refuse to blame it on all the candy). It never seems to matter how often I brush and floss, they always find something to yell at me about. And there are always cavities. Always.

So I was not looking forward to my appointment, I was not gleeful. But all my fears were quickly dispelled! First off, the dental assistant and I just clicked. In fact, if I were to get married this month, I think I would deem her a bridesmaid. 

We talked about everything and nothing –  the upcoming 10 mile race, jogging, running shoes, the weather, areas of your mouth where tartar usually collects, x-rays. You name it, we talked about it. She even put the mirror down so I could see her polishing my teeth! It was, in one word, “fascinating.” Yes, it was probably one of the best dentist appointments ever.

And how flattering she was! She kept saying things like “Your teeth have great colouring,” “You take great care of your teeth,” and “Tartar is minimal.” The dentist himself finished his cavalcade of incomprehensible codes (e.g. “We’ve got an APO-11 on the 22” ) by simply stating “Great teeth.”

I feel like I just won an Oscar! So how do you follow something like that?? I took three aleves to halt my incoming migraine (remember, no coffee yet) and got the biggest Toffeenut Latte* you could possibly imagine!!

And about that giant Honeycrisp…I brought it to work today. My coworker and I weighed it in the mail room and it came in at 1lb, 4oz. We took it around to everyone we could find in the office to let them ooh and ahh over it. One of the managers walked by on his cell phone and stopped mid-sentence to exclaim “Is that an apple??” I brought it for lunch, but I’m not sure I have it in me to destroy it just yet. Pictures still to come.

*Emily Kurek, you’re my hero.

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Just another weblog

Uhh…I started a wordpress? It seems like it might be better, but I’m kind of stressed out about it.

Welcome to my new blog! It’s exactly like the old one! I’m exhausted!

Have a great day!

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