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UtSGFOOG – 1993

The nominees are in for 1993! Okay, they were in awhile ago, but the official 1993 blogging has begun.

You know the drill.

The nominees are Jurassic Park, Cool Runnings, Demolition Man, Last Action Hero, and The Good Son.

Jurassic Park: This was a movie I clung to as the best movie ever made until I was 16 years old. That’s 6 years of being the best movie ever made. Chris described the three things that Spielberg is good at as “pulling heartstrings, creating there’s-a-monster! tension, and communicating childlike wonder.” That was pretty much all I looked for in a movie when I was 10 and, if I’m being honest, it’s almost all I look for in a movie at 26 (but now I also want high fashion (I’m thinking Project Runway the Movie! With Santino as the monster!). But for real, I thought Jurassic Park was the greatest thing that ever happened and if our goal is to uncover the single greatest film of our generation, it wouldn’t make sense for this not to be in the running.

Cool Runnings: I never saw it! It’s been on my queue since I was 12, when I realized all the cool people had seen it. I’ll get to it.

Demolition Man & Last Action Hero: I never saw these either, but unlike Cool Runnings, I didn’t realize I needed to until now. Taco Bell is the last remaining restaurant in the future? Excellent!

The Good Son: In some ways, I liked this movie more than Jurassic Park. I didn’t think it was “awesome” like Jurassic Park, but it’s premise lasted far longer in small Christine’s developing psyche. I think this was the first movie of its genre that I really sunk my teeth into, and as an adult I’m still drawn to similar psychological thrillers (whether they’re good or not, I always want to watch them). I was genuinely frightened and in awe of little Culkin (is he going to get away with all this??) and the Sophie’s choice-esque moment at the end.

In Chris’ most recent post (you have to click that link to vote!! Which you should do!), he said to think about these questions as we vote: “how much awesome is in my noggin thanks to this film?” and “how much do I wish I could be watching, laughing, and loving this movie right now?” As much as I loved The Good Son and that movie would be my answer to both aforementioned questions, I still can’t bring myself to vote for it. I just can’t consider it a generation-defining movie. 1993 was owned by Jurassic Park, and that is where my vote has to go.

Vote: Jurassic Park


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UtSGFOOG – 1992

I’m way late on this one, but thankfully Chris took my vote anyway. 1992 is a pertinent year, and it sounds like Chris is going to extend this voting period a bit longer! So head over to the blogulator to vote! (PS – When voting, remember that Minneapolis is a place to be proud of and that Joshua Jackson is kind of cool (admit it)).

Without further ado, we’re on to 1992! Chrissy was 9 and watching family movies like it was her job.

The nominees for this year are Beethoven, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, The Mighty Ducks, Encino Man, and 3 Ninjas.

I cheated and made my vote before rambling about each of the noms, but this is a pretty obvious year for me so I don’t feel bad.

Beethoven: I remember so little about this movie except that the Dad was very angry. Also, wasn’t it one of those movies where things kept getting worse and worse and worse? Those movies always stress me out! It’s like in the first scene the dog has broken all your china and spilled hot fudge all over the carpet, then in the next scene he’s peeing all over the neighbor’s cat, then in the next scene (through a series of catastrophic events) he made your adult daughter call off her wedding! I can’t stop thinking about the hot fudge, let alone follow the disastrous things happening in the following scenes. Clean up the fudge!!! Is this making sense? I mean, aside from the fact that I’m not using any examples from the actual movie because I don’t remember it at all? This was a National Lampoons movie, right?

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York: All I remember about this movie was that I hated it. Sorry, Brigitte.

The Mighty Ducks: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. One of the best movies ever. AND it was filmed in my hometown. AND people from my little league were chosen to be fill-ins for the actors on the ice. AND it’s awesome. AND sports movies make me cry. AND Joshua Jackson is great, somehow. AND so is that other guy, the star, from The Breakfast Club. I love love love this movie and I believe it is a worthy representative of our generation. Love it. Voted. Ducks. Grandparents. Overcoming obstacles. Love it.

Encino Man: Were Mighty Ducks not in the running, it would’ve been you Encino Man! Great movie. I think I’d rather watch this than even one of the Bill & Ted’s. Is that too audacious of a thing to claim?

3 Ninjas: Weren’t there a lot of Ninja movies out in the early 90s? I honestly can’t keep them all straight. Or I saw this movie and thought it was 8 different kid movies about Ninjas. I’ve probably seen this one more times than any of the others on this list (besides Mighty Ducks, of course) but more because this is something my brother liked to rent than because it meant anything to me. I think, at least. Again, I can’t remember which Ninja movie this was. Nor which Ninja movie it was my brother liked to watch. One thing I do know though is that my friend Mark is a Ninja (and has a page on IMDB! Go Mark!).

Obviously my vote is for The Mighty Ducks. Now, for some reason, 1992 has not been such an obvious year for everyone and this is in very serious danger of being beaten by Beethoven! BEETHOVEN?! No way, people. Those of you Duck fans out there, please head to the Blogulator and vote for The Mighty Ducks. Link.

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