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Rock Testimonies

Recently we celebrated the 20 year anniversary of Evergreen, our nuclear family of churches. As part of that celebration, each church, sans the church in Germany (there are 6 locations: The Rock, The Urban Refuge, Evergreen Lakeville, Evergreen Bloomington, Evergreen New Hope, and The Rock Berlin), put together a short video with some of its members’ stories. They explain how they found themselves at their church and what God has done with their lives since.

I wasn’t able to attend the celebration, so I just got to watching The Rock video this morning. I was really moved to see people I know sharing such meaningful stories from their lives. Specifically I teared up watching my roommate share her story. All I could think was “Gosh, this girl and I just met over coffee at 5am this morning to groggily discuss Christ and how He’s working in our lives…I wouldn’t have this meaningful of a relationship with her if not for the way Christ changed her life several years ago.” I easily take it all for granted.

Anyway, watch if you get a chance:


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Weekend Recapitulation

Today concludes a weekend. Or yesterday did. Whatever.

This weekend:

  • I went to a work barbecue in the westernmost Hawaiian Island (or North-West Plymouth) with my co-workers.  When asked by co-workers why I hadn’t brought my fiance along, I explained to them in detail why I spared him.  It was fun though.  I can now say I have work friends – which is nice.
  • Held crying babies in the nursery at church.  For some reason every time I work in the nursery, I find myself zoning in on the cryers.  I don’t know what it is, I just kind of like ’em.  Maybe it’s because I don’t mind bouncing 20-pound adorable miniature people for 2 hours.  Jemima never cries anymore though, so I just watch her and smile when she shows me toys.  I’ll be sad when she is two and gets to move on to bigger and better classes.
  • Talked and cried with some of my favorite girls ever.  Saw Sarah eat cereal with a huge spoon over skype. 
  • Ate an avocado.
  • Watched Memoirs of a Geisha with Jim.  Despite the fact that I’d read the book, I still had to ask Jim what was going on like 15 times.  People mumble in movies, I think.
  • Went to Sonic for the fourth time in two weeks (the first was on our way to get engaged in Illinois, the rest were at the St. Paul one).  Cheeseburger!  Onion rings!!!  Crushed ice!
  • Went to the Dordal farm and played with farm kittens, jumped on a trampoline (more like swayed, and even that made me woozy).  We ate s’mores and then set ablaze a couch and armchair.  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  And fireworks!!!!!!!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
  • Helped Jim take inventory of his belongings, figured out how to obtain a passport, made tacos, and watched 4 episodes of Lost.

Today’s turning out to be pretty good too – this afternoon I saw a portable potty (which for some reason only ever elicit positive reactions from me) and tonight we’re going to Loring Park for a musical and filmical celebration

Be good.

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Beautiful Day

Well, it certainly is a beautiful day for a barbecue, wouldn’t you say?

Today is our yearly barbecue/picnic that we’re holding at one of our employee’s houses in Plymouth and I’m looking forward to some rain-flavored red meat!

Or maybe they’ll have tacos!  Goodness knows I could use a taco right about now.

Thank you, Nancy Reagan.

Ima go make a rain poncho out of garbage bags now – have a good weekend!

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Sorry guys

Things have been a little too crazy around here to blog. 

Yeah.  Ever since they opened a Sonic in this town, all my spare time is spent commuting to East St. Paul where I wait patiently for hours upon hours for the perfect cup of ice.

I couldn’t be happier!

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Belated Responses

We’re less than a week in, and I’m already swimming in details I don’t want to swim in.  I’m betting this blog could turn into a wedding planning blog pretty quickly.  My apologies if that happens!  Or my “you’re welcome”s if you would be excited about that kind of thing.


Anyway, each and every one of the comments I got on my last post deserved a response.  Here I go:

Dear Emily:  Booooom!  I am also so excited!  Let’s find inside jokes we can share and when no one understands we can whisper “It’s a sister thing.”  My sister, Melanie, and I do that all the time.  You’ll meet Melanie!  Woo!

Dear Lane:  Thank you for being so supportive this week with wedding plans!  You’re so fantastic.  SEE YOU AND LUIS ON WEDNESDAY!!

Dear Ben:  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Go Badgers!!!!

Dear Tian:  This made me want to cry.  Thanks!!

Dear Mrs. R:  No one beat anybody’s butt at any Skip-Bo this week, but if someone had it would’ve been me. 

Dear Mark:  Who could ever NOT reference Wall-E??  Thanks for the welcome!  See you tonight for Batman!  And then Sunday!  Yeah Woo!  Go Big Red Go Big Red Go Big Red.

Dear Maren:  You’re the queen of multiple well-wishes.  I love it!  And you!  Take and tag all the pictures you want.  Permission granted.

Dear Peter:  Thank you Peter.  Every child is a blessing.

Dear Adam:  Gracias, big guy!

Dear JK:  He is pretty swell, isn’t he?  I’m so glad you guys got to meet him and be with us last weekend!  That and “…When people give you pamphlets in the middle of life’s most intimate and private moments, till death do us part.”  Will be making me laugh for quite some time.

Dear Anna Leisa:  I know!  I can’t wait!!  Is it okay if we have Jim use our bathroom or will it be too cramped?  Should I ask Rachel if he can use hers instead?  She does have two sinks in there.

Dear Tom:  More family to visit in Minnesota!  Am I right?

Dear Dad:  Oops… (I love you)

Dear Melanie:  I’ve been trying to tell him that, but he’s all “I’ll lose circulation, we wont’ be able to dance; why do you want me to do that?”  etc. etc.

Dear Justin:  I know!  It’s meant to be.

Dear Thom:  Thanks!  Again.  Meant to be.  Am I right?  Or am I not right?

Dear Angie:  Step it up!!  Did you learn any new moves last night?  Sorry I skipped girls night to get engaged…forgives?

Dear Jess:  No, I love you!!  No!  You’re cuter!

Oh, and I forgot to mention in my last posts that pictures from last weekend, if you have interest, can be found here


And this concludes my posting.  I love you all from the deepest depths of my soul.

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Engagement Weekend

Last night I got an e-card from my loving sister:


Because on Saturday, Jim made my hand look like this:

Now allow me to to transcribe how it went down.  Imagine us standing by the Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park:

Jim (on one knee): Will you marry me?
me: Yes, of course. Get up.
(He stands up.  We hug)
Interrupting Woman:
Hi. Can I give you this pamphlet?
(We look at a pamphlet that reads: “Are you going to heaven?”)
Jim:Now’s really not the best time.
Woman: Can I please talk to you about the pamphlet?
Jim: I’m sorry, really.  Look, we love the Lord, we are saved by Christ.  We’re involved in a church.  But now is really not a good time.
Woman: ….shelter…if we don’t get enough money we won’t be able to….
(I put …’s in because we were a little distracted and didn’t really understand what she was trying to say).
(Jim gives her some money)

Woman (turning to me): And you? Are you able to help out?
(I give her some money)
(Woman leaves)
(We laugh)
Me: Yes, I’ll marry you.

It was a really great weekend and I’m proud to be marrying such an incredible man.

More pictures from the weekend follow:

Trekking from Champaign to Chicago:

Entertaining ourselves during our wait for a table at Giordano’s (best pizza ever!):

Matching feet:

Then after the above transcript happened:

Post engagement nosing (and all the girls say “awwww”):

Gandering at the Chicago skyline:

Anytime not spent getting engaged was spent with Jim’s family in Bloomington (no pictures, unfortch) and in Champaign with my good friends from Chicago, Champaign, Muncie, and Columbia (this is the only picture we got together, again unfortch, early Sunday morning):

And in conclusion, recently engaged and extremely tired, Jim and I on Sunday morning:

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Forgotten Passwords

Allow me to complain about myself for a minute:

I’m an idiot!!!

I wanted to change my outgoing voicemail message at work this morning and realized I’d completely forgotten the password. AKSdtjhkasdgjlakjdglsad.

I went through like 20 different passwords that I thought it could be until I just had to humble myself and send an email to IT in Wisconsin requesting them to reset it…

You don’t know what embarassing is until you send an email to Technical Supporting requesting your phone password.

You’re supposed to use your phone password every single day.


What? I tend to be at my desk when people call, okay?

I can’t believe I forgot my phone password. ¿Cuál es incorrecto conmigo??

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