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Recently I decided that squash is my favorite vegetable. It is particularly palatable.

I somehow managed to avoid it for almost all of my life, so I’ve been trying to make up for lost time by cooking it in 3-4 meals a week.

Okay, but I’m just talking about the yellow and green squash here – that’s all I’ve been willing to try. Don’t start talking your cornucopia to this girl.

Did you know that squash comes from the word “askutasquash”? Which means “a green thing eaten raw”? Oh, the irony, right?! Only half of the squash I eat is green! And only a quarter of the time do I eat it raw! Gosh, word-evolution is just like a centuries-long game of telephone, isn’t it? Ha!

Did you know that squash is extra tasty when cooked with hot sauce, olive oil, and parmesan cheese? If you tried it I bet you’d scream with delight. Warn your roommates first though! Ha! You don’t want to unduly frighten them!!

Did you know that if you eat enough of the orange squash, your skin will turn orange? That’s why I stick to the yellow and green squash – which is known to keep your skin creamily beigey.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to find I enjoy a vegetable so much! Vegetables pretty much don’t taste good. Don’t get me wrong, they taste “fine,” but usually not especially “good.” Carrots are all right. I like brocolli trunks. Sugar Snap Peas are pretty okay too. But none of that stuff makes me so excited as a good grape or pear, you know?

I thought I’d found a winner with the avocado, but turns out it’s actually a fruit. It’s as though I’ve spent my whole life trying to enjoy a vegetable as much as a fruit, but nature has refused my efforts.

Until the squash. One day, in the heat of the moment, I bought as many vegetables as I could find in the produce department, went home, cut em all up, and tried it all. Most of it was gross. But the squash? It took my breath away. Best moment of my life, probably.

Hold the phone. Squash is technically a fruit too? Forget it. Seeds! They’re ruining my life!


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…you spend 5 minutes with me and proceed to have your mind completely blown.

Today, Anna Leisa and I were in the kitchen and we had to light a match.  I couldn’t quite get it to go, so I put it in my mouth and pulled the package away with my hand – so as to apply more force. 

Anna Leisa looked on in complete horror as she yelled “what are you doing??”

It was too late.  My eyes flinched and I yelled “ooh ow!” as I pulled the lit match out my mouth immediately.

AL, still completely dismayed, said “uhh…yeah” 

It worked though, for the record.  That match lit up like a little fast-burning angel.  Except my face has smelled like fire all day, and when I got to the dentist this morning I saw that there was smudges of ash all over my cheek.

Completely hopeless.

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I’m hopeless

This morning I spilled 600ml of water from my Nalgene onto my passenger side seat.  This happened to me a few years ago too, and if my memory serves, no one could sit in the front seat for months.

Ugh!  If only Nalgenes were spill proof even when the cap is not screwed on tight.  Am I right?  Anybody?

Let’s get down to brass tacks:  How do I dry this before I have to drive a gaggle of small group members to Wisconsin this weekend?  Or do I just let someone sit on it and experience the joy of soaked jean butt for four hours?

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This year, avoid Leroy.

This year Rock TV was asked to create a short promotional video for our church’s yearly Faithwalkers conference.

Instead of outlining the many spiritual reasons to attend such a conference, we went another route: plugging it as an opportunity to avoid that which frightens us in our own home towns.

Namely, Leroy.


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Hole in the Wall

Some of you have been asking:  “What’s new Christine?  What are the goings on around town?  Will you please tell me about your life already? What’s up?”

Well, now you can all shut your traps. Your incessant cries have finally found an answer.

Bruises.  Bruises are what’s up. 

Not understanding quite yet? Okay then. When you have a moment, take a look at my legs, mspaint-style:

Check out those bruises.  They’re like blood tears.  All over my leg.

“What happened?!,” you ask?  Allow me to tell you.  Fun happened.  And, if there’s anything I’ve learned in my several decades of life, it’s that fun causes bruises.

You see, last night we had a leaders meeting with the other small group leaders from my house church.  We had it at Kate’s house.  On my way to use her restroom, she asked me if, instead of using the doorway, I’d like to get to the restroom through a hole in the wall.

I was incredulous, but intrigued.

This was the situation:

I thought the hole too small for a human of adult size, but she assured me that people much larger than myself have made it throught that hole before.

Not one to poo poo at a challenge, I decided to take her up on her offer.

Exhiliration of exhilirations! Oh to be upside down, with nothing but my hands to catch me, for the rest of my days! It was so much fun that I decided to come back through the hole too.

Unfortunately, the second time I didn’t go through fast enough and ended up dragging both my legs over the ledge a little too intensely. And so today, “what’s up” is bruises.

Did you see how this blog entry went full circle just there? Isn’t that cool? The introduction and the conclusion are virtually the same statement, just reworded! Aren’t I a phenomenal writer?

Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving,

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Christmas Time = Finally Here

Sound the alarm. Christmas is officially here, y’all.

Yesterday Rachel and I dragged the Christmas decorations & tree upstairs.

These three seasonal bears officiated the season with their musical chorus:

Can’t get enough?  Another video can be found here

These fellows are now residing over our fireplace, ready and eager to play us (you!) a tune. For the time being though, Rachel had to turn them off because apparently the middle bear and his corresponding bells started wigging out after hearing a distinct ringing sound from the television set.

Shortly after the bears kicked off the season, we assembled the tree. When Rachel plugged in the string of little white lights, my day was entirely made. How can one’s heart (or feet) help but skip for joy at the sight of little, sparkly, Christmas Tree lights?

More Pictoral Christmas Cheer for your viewing pleasure:

Merry Christmas, you guys.  May your bellies and hearts be full of holiday warmth, always.

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A Night with the Quickerts

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of spending some quality time with Jemima Quickert.

We crammed a lot of activities in our couple hours together:  we watched 20 minutes of Bourne Identity, 20 minutes of While You Were Sleeping, practiced our patented noises (“oohing” and lip-flubbering mostly), played with Baby Tad, played with Gil, read from an animal book, read from a Dinosaur book, read from a Dietrich Bonhoeffer book (guess which book she enjoyed the least), got baby poop everywhere, and oohed and awed at the light inside the refrigerator that comes on when the door opens.

Let’s back up though. When I arrived at their house last night, to my delight, this was what was waiting for me:

In case you can’t tell from the blurry picture, this is a picture of “quiz time.”

There were 15 food items lying on the table, and it was my task to guess which items contained high fructose corn syrup, and which didn’t.

The ones I got wrong (6) are on the left, the ones I got right are on the right (9):

Can you believe there is high fructose corn syrup in STUFFING (the second ingredient!!)??? and in Barbecue Sauce?! Completely ridiculous.

And because Jemima is so adorable, here are some other pictures from the evening:

A race to Gil:



And eating the cardstock off the VCR Head Cleaner Tape cover:

If you’re interested: more from last night, several from Alexis’ baby shower, and as many as we could get (before my battery ran out) of the Waller-Mussack wedding can be found here.

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