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You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts You. – Isaiah 26:3

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me – Philippians 4:13

Need them.


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Not only was LOST insane (Thanks Jodi and Micah for watching with us!!), but apparently my optimal top 2 came true last night on American Idol. Hooray!

Also hooray: JESS IS GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!!!!!!!! I am so excited for the festivities to begin!

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Alternate Title: “LinkedIN” because of all the links in this post!! GET IT!? Ha! It’s not a post about networking at all!

Why is American Idol the easiest thing for me to write about? Because it’s fluff, that’s why.

Now, on with it:

The top three this year are all males. I think that’s the first time that’s ever happened, but I’m too lazy to do the research.

Fine. I’ll look.


I just have a couple things I want to say about the three that are left:


Seems nice enough. I don’t really get the hype. I guess his voice is…throaty. But sure, he’s likeable enough.

My Favorite Performance: Come Rain or Come Shine (Rat Pack week)

Why he should win: Well, Come Rain or Come Shine was good.
Why he shouldn’t win: Because he probably shouldn’t win.


I like Kris. He’s my favorite. But you may say, “He’s just a pretty boy that’s around to make the ladies swoon!” To which I would reply: “He’s married. Plus your mom make the ladies swoon. Plus, he looks kind of like a vampire.”

I think I’m just prone to the acoustic guitar sound, and since that’s what he does, I obviously enjoy his performances most.

My Favorite Performance: Obviously that one song from Once (Songs from the Cinema week).

Why he should win: I think he could use more of a leg up than Adam since there’s no chance Adam won’t be a big star, winner or not. And I like him more.
Why he shouldn’t win: He hasn’t earned it like Adam has.


Okay, Adam. Where did you come from? He has done a crazy good job at making every theme fit him. He’s shown that he is stylistically versatile while paradoxically showing that he can convert any genre into his own style. He is an excellent performer, and would put on a good show for even a non-fan. He’s talented. He’s unique. He seems nice. I think American Idol scored it big with this dude. I’m not a big fan of his style of music and would almost certainly never listen to his album by choice (outside of curiosity), but I really have to give him props. This guy has earned his place in the top three.

My Favorite Performance: Mad World (Sing a song from your Birth Year week). I really hope Fox doesn’t yank this video off the web because it’s the only actual video I can find. And with this guy, watching him is 1/3 the fun.

Why he should win: See above. I don’t think any other contestant on American Idol ever has deserved to win more than this guy.
Why he shouldn’t win: Because he doesn’t need to win. And he may have more “artistic differences” with the appointed label/manager than Kris would, thus he may be happier losing. For instance, Chris Daughtry wanted to sing in a band, not solo – would the label have let him do that if he’d won? Speaking of Chris Daughtry, that’s an example of someone not needing to win. Daughtry got 4th place his season, and is doing crazy well. I don’t really need to mention Jennifer Hudson’s Oscar. It really doesn’t matter if he wins, this guy is going to be big no matter what. In conclusion, he shouldn’t win so that more than one person can be a “winner.”

But, he really should win.

Anyway, because I can’t talk about American Idol without reverting to last season: I’m still a Jason fan, and some of his songs are still favorites on my ipod (definitely a sign of me being a true fan, I normally lose interest much faster). Jim and I almost used this song as our first dance at our wedding (we would’ve used the studio version though), before we went with the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole ukulele version simply because we didn’t want our first dance to be associated with American Idol. Also his 1:41 live performance of Hallelujah landed in 81st place of US digital singles. That’s crazy! I bet that hasn’t ever happened before. And I’m definitely not doing the research. I don’t care if I’m wrong. Plus it’s awesome.

I also liked Brooke (listen to her live or studioed version of Let it Be!). Yay Brooke!

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