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UtSGFOOG – 1995

1995 is chock full of movies I’ve never seen before! Chris posted his 1995 entry this morning. Click that link and make your vote, folks!

Scroll down and read my other similar entries if you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about. No time to recap.

The nominees are: Die Hard with a Vengeance, Congo, Outbreak, Bad Boys, and The Net.

The Net is the only movie in this list that I’ve seen, so that’s my vote! But thankfully it’s not a wasted vote. I love love love this movie. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t get enough of it. Pure, predictable, stressful, wonderfulness.

I got nothing else to say. How many of these movies have you guys seen? What do you vote for? Vote on the blogulator!


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If You’re Not Getting, Get Going

I’m here today providing a brief reprieve from our trip down 90s-lane.

Rock TV wrapped up a video a little while ago that we played at church on Friday.

This video is probably geared more toward people that go to church than people that don’t. We wanted to say something about church goers that A) expect perfection from their church and B) are more interested in receiving something from their church than pitching in and being a part of the church. It also opened the door for us to take jabs at shallow political conversations, terrible ways to comfort friends, and church spouse-hunters. Also it has fun musiq soundz at the beginning!

Friday was an interesting night at the Rock, we had tons of new people visiting as well as a big art fair and our annual small group kick-off (small groups are like bible studies, but a little different. If you’re confused, just ask!). The point is, the audience was very different from a normal night at The Rock. So, I wasn’t sure how well the video would go over. Thankfully it got one of the better receptions we’ve seen in awhile!

Anyway, enjoy!

Above all else, I truly believe this video was just the excuse we’ve been waiting for to put together that sequence starting at 3:45. Maybe now Peter will stop asking to write Abraham Lincoln into every script we write.

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UtSGFOOG – 1994

Before I head into 1994:  we saw Up tonight and I was moved to consistent tears for the first half of the movie.  It feels good to feel.

1994 is a very confusing year for me based on these nominees.  I don’t know what I’m going to do!  The nominees are:  True Lies, Speed, Stargate, D2:  The Mighty Ducks, & Blank Check.

True Lies:  I have never seen this.  Can you believe this?  I saw Twins about a bazillion times, but just couldn’t make room in my schedule for True Lies.

Speed:  This is one of those movies that brings me back to a very specific place in time.  My best friend from swim club used to watch this every morning as she got ready for school, and she showed it to me one night when I slept over at her house.  She also showed me the internet that night.  Seriously!  She showed me how to use a chat room!

Stargate:  That movie with the big circle thing in it.

D2:  The Mighty Ducks:  Obviously I love The Mighty Ducks, and I love that they took over the world in this sequel.  But other than that, I can’t really remember what I liked about this movie that wasn’t in the first movie…and I don’t really want to vote for it because I don’t want the duck vote to be split in the final round…what to do?  what to do?  I know!  I’ll youtube some D2 clips while Jim makes lesson plans!  Maybe that will help!  (2 minutes pass)  You can watch the whole movie on YouTube!  This makes me so happy that I am willing to now capitalize YouTube!  I’m only 2 minutes and 41 seconds into the movie and I’ve already been sufficiently swayed.  You’re going down, Iceland!

Blank Check:  Sure it was just another version of Richie Rich (which also came out in 1994), but in my opinion was far superior.  It’s no wonder it was so popular, it was like every 12 year old’s fantasy (especially 12 year olds of the Me Generation):  an unending (OK, there was a cap of $1,000,000, but it was seemingly unending) surplus of cash with which one could make their own amusement park. Ahh, the American dream.

My vote goes to D2, but Speed was soooo close, and Blank Check was right behind it!

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We finished this back in June or something, but I couldn’t bring myself to take 7 minutes to upload the pictures and share…until today! Yay for half days at work!

Anyway, Jim and I did a puzzle. I like puzzles. Jim doesn’t really like puzzles. Marital Compromise.

Here are the pictures!

Doesn’t it feel like you did the puzzle yourself??

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