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Worst Eating Experience Ever

I’m not a picky eater and have been known to put up with a lot of bad food, but last night was definitely an unacceptable eating situation.   Worst ever. 

Jess, Heather and I went to a Mexican restaurant on Eat Street.  Jess and I have been there before and we normally like it a lot.  We gorge ourselves on the free chips.

We sat down and the first thing we noticed was that the salsa was frozen.  It was like they poured the tomato chunks straight from the bag in their freezer to our little black bowl.  That was not a large whoop though – just inconvenient.

Then they brought me my meal – enchiladas, rice, and beans.  The rice and enchiladas were okay, but after one bite of the beans, my soul was crushed.

It was urine.

Someone peed in my refried beans!!!

I spat it out into my napkin and informed the girls.  Jess wanted to taste for herself as she’s also not in the least bit picky or quick to jump to food-conclusions. Her face contorted in disgust and she agreed that it was definitely urine.  And it was definitely horrible. Evil even.

I still don’t know what I could’ve done to deserve that.


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If you’re reading my blog, you probably are vaguely interested in who I am as a person.  If this is true, then you might be thrilled to learn that:

  1. I kind of like to multitask
  2. Sometimes I am tired

This picture is proof of both those things:

Have you ever seen someone look more miserable?

Beth and I meet every Wednesday morning.  It’s wonderful and refreshing and encouraging – I love it, best way to start a day. 

This particular morning, however, was an especially tired one.  As I stumbled my way around my apartment getting ready, I found the button on my shirt had fallen off.  So I brought some thread and a needle to Panera and I proceeded to sew my button back on as I let the combination of coffee and Beth’s voice wake me up. 

I needed to stick my needle somewhere while knotting the thread.  Normally I would use a pillow or blanket, but all I could find was that bagel.  So, there it went.  Beth found this to be a funny thing to do, and so this picture was taken.  For that reason, all of you are able to look at this magnificently painful picture and learn a valuable lesson. 

I don’t really know what that lesson is though, I’m still pretty tired. Something about bagels?

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This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but I enjoy US Weekly.

I especially like the section “Celebrities are just like us!” with pictures of them picking their noses, pumping their own gas, or buying ibuprofen (with a headline that reads “They even get headaches!!  JUST LIKE US!”).

I’ve been in a training session all day. Due to said training, I have been unable to tackle my normal everyday tasks – like make spreadsheets, respond to emails, or talk to my manager (who was on site today – a rare treat!).

During a break from the session, I decided to return to my desk (you know, to put out any potential fires, write a blog, etc.) to find that a special treat was waiting on my chair for me! My manager had dropped a copy of US Weekly off for me on her way out of the office.  Woohoo! What did you get from YOUR boss today?

Later I will take a look “Inside Katie’s Prison” and find out why Tom is screening her phone.

And my break has sufficiently been wasted.

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Former Co-leader Conversations

I used to lead a student small group (FTA) with a dude they call (“se llama”) Lee.  Unfortunately, now that our paths have diverged, I am not able to talk with Lee as much as I previously could.  Occasionally, however, I am afforded the opportunity to converse with him again.  It is almost always pleasant.

Take, for instance, this typical exchange we had over gtalk on Saturday:

My away message:  “Winston Churchill and I broke up today”

5:39 PM 

Lee:  I’m sorry CG.5:40 PM 

about ole’ Churchy, as they used to call him.5:42 PM 

you can’t ignore me forever, CG.  

you tried last year during FTA and it didn’t work5:43 PM 


I can’t tell you how delighted I was – it is conversations like these that make me nostalgic for those old four-hour-long leaders meetings of yore. 

Happy Birthday, Lee, wherever you are!

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New Rock TV!

Recently the Rock TV team gave me permission to hang out with them during their writing meetings (thanks again, you guys!). The result of some of those meetings was “103.7 – WWJD Christian Radio!”

It pokes solid fun at some of the strange directions our culture has gone in the name of Christianity, but I think even more it was an excuse to get two otherwise rational people into bee costumes.

Read Peter’s blog for more explication!

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Work has been busy this week!  Sleep has been less than adequate this week! 

As a result, I’ve had The Cranberries’ song, Zombie, in my head for the past 24 hours.

Denying all natural urges to spend my free time taking naps, I decided this week is the week I’m going to finish reading the Winston Churchill bios.   You see, I’ve been living in a Churchillian world for 10 months now and, frankly, I’m looking forward to leaving.  So yes, it’s all coming to a glorious end.  Today.

As of now, 11:17am, I have 59 pages left. 

I imagine this feeling is similar to what a marathoner feels when they pass mile marker 24.  Just two more miles to go.  You’re too close to the end to imagine actually quitting, but you’ve never felt more exhausted and miserable in all your life.

I don’t really have time for this.  Winston is thisclose to ripping the Prime Minister title from Neville Chamberlain.  “Thisclose.” 

Wish me luck!

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The Biggest Fluke Ever

March Madness basketball pools are the greatest things to hit facebook since photo albums apparently.  My friend Paal started one.  He invited me to join it, and since I don’t like saying no to people, I accepted.

As with previous years that I’ve found myself, inexplicably, in a college basketball pool, I used the strategy of picking teams for schools that my friends/family/myself went-to/live-in-the-state-of.  Also I picked Georgetown to go far because I kind of like the name “George.”

Then I exited facebook and went on with my life.

Recently I found out that I was winning that pool.  Then I checked the rest of my standings and saw that I was ranked #240 in the state of Minnesota and #42,917 for all of facebook (this is good, I think).

And of ALL my facebook friends, I am tied for FIRST place with a friend from highschool, Svetlana (who I assume also knows very little about college basketball – but then, I stereotype)

So how did this HAPPEN? 

I have no idea.  Biggest fluke ever.

I have a perfect record in the South (thanks to Emily living in Ohio, and my brother attending Texas A&M).  Almost perfect in the West (Ben likes Kansas a lot, and Kairos is in LA).  In the East I’ve done pretty well because I think Will has a brother or something in one of the Carolinas and that whole Georgetown thing.

I screwed up the Midwest though because Arizona (my old alma mater), and Wisconsin turned out to be complete failures.

Still though, I’m doing unbelievably well.  I think I might win a car or something.

My dad is going to be so proud of me!!

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