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Jim and I have been watching season one of The Secret World of Alex Mack.

Yesterday we watched the episode where Alex wins two tickets to an All-4-One concert and Ray gets mad because she’s going to take Nicole and not him (and he’s her best friend, the one she trusted with her big secret. Does his friendship mean nothing??)

Anyway, the moment All-4-One was announced, I turned to Jim and yelled


(Generally not something I boast about)

Yes. From 5th-6th grade, some of my favorite things were Beetlejuice, The Secret World of Alex Mack, All-4-One, and swingsets.

When I was in 5th grade, All-4-One came here and my parents let me go.  Wooo!!!

And Alex Mack went too!

After the episode, I went straight to google video.

Some gems:

“I Swear”
“I Can Love You Like That”
“Someday (from The Hunchback of Notre Dame)”
“So Much in Love”
“These Arms”
“I Just Want to be Your Everything”

“I Can Love You Like That” was a personal favorite of mine :). I remember listening to it on my walkman on roadtrips and hoped my parents would think I was listening to really deep music, based off the lyrics I was spouting.

My brother thought I was singing the words several seconds after I heard them because he couldn’t believe how well I knew those words. Dag, yo. I knew them all.

I laughed hysterically while watching the video again. Zoot suits!

It should be noted that this entry was written with a non-stop All-4-One soundtrack streaming through my ear-buds. I sang the lyrics as loud as I could, hoping my cube neighbor would think I was listening to really deep music.

Now if I could only get ahold of my Janet tape…


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One area of my life that has been drastically impacted by Marriage is my eating habits. Now we eat meals together. We cook. There is a dinner that is had around the dinner hour. And generally it’s pretty balanced:  there’s a grain, and a meat, and it usually requires a stove.

Last night I had to opt out of a shared meal with Jim since I had to take off to spend some quality time with the Jess. So we fended for ourselves.

Oh yes.  We regressed.  We reverted to our old, instantly-gratifying but infinitely less healthy, ways.

Jim ordered a bunch of delicious crap at Taco Bell.

And I impulsed-purchased a bag of Chex Mix and a bag Gummy Bears at the checkout aisle of Michaels, and downed them on the way to Jess’ place.

Ahh, memories…sweet sweet gut-rot memories.

Tonight we’re having guests over and serving homemade pesto!

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Happy Birthday!!

Happy Zeroth Birthday, little Josephine Rachel Rosenzweig!!


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Favorite Item of Late

Mark and Brigitte have finally gotten on the Lost bandwagon, and they’ve both been leaving droplets of Season 1 anticipation all over the place (Exhibit A, exhibit B)

And I love it.

Looking forward to having quality Waller-Mussack time Friday night!!

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I am enjoying a sweet potato right now. Slightly sweet, slightly mashed, slightly with-a-crunch. Fully awesome.

I’ve been on a kick lately to eat 5 servings of fruits or vegetables a day. Mashed/Baked/French-Fry-Like Sweet Potato is definitely my favorite of all the fruit/vegetable options. How can something so delicious be considered a vegetable. It can’t.

But it can.

Project Runway Season 4 had a contestant named Sweet P.

Her middle name is Potato.

I’ve begged Jim, more times than I can count, that we name our first three children likewise, boy or girl. Sweet Potato One, Sweet Potato Two, and Sweet Potato Three.

He’s on the fence. He keeps bringing up the name Obadiah, which isn’t even a vegetable. I think he’s thinking of Okra.

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WEBS of gold!





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Schofield Schupdate

I went to Wal-Mart the other day to buy fake cheese and another cat, when I decided I’d be really stupid and leave my purse in the grocery cart in the parking lot. When I realized several minutes after I drove off, I went back and of course it was gone. This neighborhood isn’t exactly the best place to assume customers would find the purse and return it to the store.

Oh well. We’ve been so blessed in other ways lately that we can’t really complain. Everything’s taken care of already (thanks to Jim, who got on the phone immediately to take care of logistics, while I fell on the couch overwhelmed). The only real monetary loss was my camera, which was starting to fall apart anyway.

I liked my purse though, so I miss that. And my planner. I have no idea where I’m supposed to be and when anymore…

Also had to replace my phone, so unless you are Jim, my parents, or Alyssa, I don’t have your phone number anymore. So I won’t be calling anyone but those people until I start to build up my catalog of numbers again.

In other news, my boss told me to take Monday off as a reward for a busy couple months. So that’s nice. THREE DAY WEEKEND!

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