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The early 90s AND Tucson, Arizona both bring a smile to my nostalgic heart-face. So hopefully the transition here won’t be too hard to make.

We went to Tucson for a long weekend to visit the Mallons and it was spectacular. We stayed in a wicked sweet hotel, had gigantic bugs land on us, went on a 4-mile hike that is still makin’ me sweat, took a tour of new Arizona housing developments, watched a lot of What Not to Wear, learned about keyboard cat, met my cousin once-removed (or second cousin, or ??) Brenna for the first time (though it really felt like I’d met her already from all the videos!), ate too many dumplings, enjoyed time with Mallons and as it turns out, my nephew kinda likes me. He only tolerated Jim, but that’ll change when he’s old enough to appreciate magic and juggling and he realizes I have nothing to offer him.

It was an extremely fun and relaxing weekend. We were very dissapointed to have to come home.

But alas, Minnesota things awaited us. Like work, Settlers of Cattan, and uncovering the single greatest (1991) film of our generation! See my last post or Chris’ original post for more background information.

And you can make your vote over at the Blogulator’s 1991 post here! Chris has welcomed one and all to vote, not just people who fit our previously specified “generation.”

The nominees are Hook, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Point Break, and The Last Boy Scout.

Following are my rants which should lead me to my vote:

Hook: Love it. I still crave this often. Like right now, for instance. I would prefer watching Hook right now to blogging, hands down. I can’t explain what is so particularly appealing to me, but I can’t think of anything unappealing about it either. I guess that’s the point of this exercise: we didn’t have reasoning as kids, and we don’t necessarily need that reasoning as adults, right?

TMNT2: We owned this on VHS, and I’m pretty sure I liked it, but I can’t really differentiate it from my memories of the original and I have no significant desire to watch it again. Hook trumps TMNT

T2: Judgement Day: Ben spoke truth when he said that this movie is well-respected in cinema history for its use of special effects. That pretty much seals it for this one, even though it’s pretty reflective of our generation. Who of us did not robotically repeat “I’ll be bach” to all our friends without fear of it ever ever getting old? Plus it brings back memories of Wayne’s World, which is nice. However, I still vote Hook over T2.

Point Break: Didn’t see it, though judging from initial comments on the blogulator this is an early favorite as the 1991 winner.

The Last Boy Scout: Should I be embarassed that I’ve never even heard of this movie?

So Hook it is then!

Cast your vote here!


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Friend and blogulateer, Chris, has begun a quest to unveil the single greatest film of our generation.  He began with this post, and followed up this week with a deep dive into 1990.

I have been enjoying his quest thus far, though granted I am a part of his narrow generation and can relate very much to most of his thoughts on the matter. I have many readers who are not of my specific generation, either slightly above or slightly below, who will disagree with much of what Chris or I will have to say on the matter. That’s OK. It’s as they say, “go suck an egg.”

I don’t know what that means. If that was harsh, I take it back.

Anyway, his rules are specific:

  • Strictly films from 1990 – 1998.  We are 25-26ish years old and this was the era where our most memorable cinematic experiences unfolded.
  • Would not be taught in a film class.
  • Had to be #1-50 in the box office for their specific year
  • Only 5 films per year can be nominated
  • “Only include movies [we] have distinct memories of seeing for the first time AND watching at least a couple times more on home video upon their release.” (Keep in mind that Chris is running the show, so this quote has to apply to him)
  • Another Chris quoted rule:  “at some point during my later high school years, I relegated said VHS (either taped off free HBO previews or bought previously viewed from Blockbuster) to my ‘cabinet of shame’ (or would have if I had owned said video rather than just rented it over and over again).  Therefore, no films such as Face/Off, The Crow, or The Cable Guy, which at the time (and kinda still) I felt had genuine artistic merit (unlike the others listed below, which have a completely different kind of genuine artistic merit) can be included in this process.”

On board with the rules?  Okay.  Go to the original post to view the nominees for each year and should you wish to have a part in the voting process, make friends with the blogulator (i.e. subscribe to their feed in google reader) and follow along with the fortnightly posts Chris will be making.  Also, it’s probably not fair for you to vote if you are not part of our generation.

The 1990 movies up for question are Home Alone, Problem Child, Ghost (Chris, I also relate this to Ghost Dad!), Dick Tracy, and Arachnaphobia.

I remember seeing Dick Tracy, but I do not recall my emotions regarding the film.  So this is automatically eliminated from the competition. 

I may have seen Ghost when I was small, but upon seeing it recently with Mark and Brigitte and husband, I must say I was much less impressed with this than I was with Ghost Dad.  Plus, if I don’t remember seeing it, automatically elminated from the contest.

Arachnaphobia:  This guy is pretty iconic.  I recently watched this with Mark and Brigitte and husband (and Ben) as well, and was as scared then as I was at 7.

Problem Child:  To be honest, the sequel carries with it more fond memories than the original.  But the franchise as a whole was an oft re-rented fun-filled occasion for little Christine (and big Christine).

Home Alone:  Though carrying with it less fond memories than Problem Child, I certainly watched this probably eight times more than Problem Child.  And many of its images are forever etched in my memory – I think when my parents would leave me to watch the house over the weekends, I would feel like I was Kevin McAllister.  Even in to my teenage years!  I’d order a pizza and sometimes the very first thing I’d do was watch Home Alone.  You know, just to get me in the spirit of being…home alone.  Ahh, sweet memories. This makes me want to eat pizza and get scared that strangers are trying to rob the house!!

Chris says this competition is more about gut-reactions than anything else.  As I was writing this post, I was sure Problem Child would be my vote, but when I started writing about Home Alone my gut made a 180 switch.  For goodness’ sake, I remembered Kevin McAllister’s name and spelled it right! What?! 

So I guess that’s it. That’s my vote. Home Alone is the clear winner.

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At least I don’t have blogging discipline. I was a consistent blogger for like 4 or 5 years and all of a sudden I get married/a cat and I’m all of a sudden “too busy” for this.

But, here I am, another Rock TV has been posted on youtube, and I’m posting it. This is an outtakes video, so it’s a fun one (as opposed to the unfun regular ol’ Rock TVs). This is the first outtakes video that I’ve made it into, which should be entertaining for you since you presumably know me – but even the old ones are hilarious to watch. With sleuthing, you may be able to find them at the Rock TV webpage.

Without further adeuixesuuooohhh:

Rock TV Outtakes 2009:

We’re having so much fun!

And for those of you who are seriously P.O.’d at the no-posting, Jim and I are going to train for another race soon so there should be some more boring running posts coming your way over the next couple months. 

Then I’ll probably stop writing again until we have babies and I can start posting pictures of oozing diapers.

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