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Most boring day of my life

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that yesterday was the most boring day of my life.  As I wrote in my last entry, I stayed home sick yesterday to give my foot some rest.  What I didn’t expect was the extreme ennui that I would experience while sitting on a couch during one of the last beautiful days of the year.

Prepare to be bored:

6:30 Email in sick, blog

7:00 Devo. time

7:45 Watch 3/4 of Hitch

9:00 Drive barefoot to Blockbuster to return a movie, drive to USBank to get rolls of quarters

9:30 3 loads of laundry, up and down the hallway several times (scandalous!)

10:30-4:30 After an hour and a half of excessive ankle weight bearing, I sat on the couch with my ankle properly heightened.  I watched a disc of Arrested Development, last week’s episode of Ugly Betty, tried for two hours to do a Sudoku in less than 4 minutes (normally this wouldn’t take so long, but at this point my vision was blurry from the glazing over of my eyes and all my brain could process was the Arrested Development dialogue loop between Buster and Lucille of “It’s a bird!” “I know it’s a BIRD, I’m ON the phone!” “It walked on my pillow!” that was playing on the screen).

4:30 Nap

6:00 TV, more Sudoku

7:00 Wife Swap

8:00 The Bachelor

8:45 Phone call

9:00 What About Brian?

Just thinking about that makes me want to torch my couch. 

It’s good to be back in the cube!!


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Things I learned this weekend

These are four of the five things I learned this weekend:

  1. In the event of awkwardness, my initial reaction is to pause, and say “have you met my friend Corey?” (I did it twice on Friday and I remember doing it before)
  2. Though it doesn’t make any sense, it is possible to sprain your ankle gradually over the course of a day. This happened to me Saturday and it just keeps getting more painful and annoying. Today I’m taking my first sick day.
  3. Andrew knows every actress that was in Steel Magnolia’s.
  4. Anna Leisa is queen of embarassing moments:
    1. Embarassed Ben by continuing to make him talk about his favorite sandwiches (he likes Ham and Turkey, but he doesn’t want to talk about it).
    2. Embarassed herself when she asked Sarah why she wasn’t collecting individual jams to send to her grandmother and Sarah responded “I would if she wasn’t dead, thank you.”

Have a great day!

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Home Alone

As most of you know, I’ve been in Christmas spirits lately (yesterday Sarah called me and asked what I was doing, I was at Menards staring at dozens of artificial trees).  So it shouldn’t surprise you that last night I watched Home Alone.  Mike Maronna’s character (some of you might remember him best as the older Pete in The Adventures of Pete and Pete), Jeff McAllister, utters probably the greatest insult that has ever graced the movie screen.  He said to his brother:

“Kevin, you are such a disease.”

And that’s all I have to blog about today.

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So sometime while we were waiting to leave the convention center, Jenna took this candid photo of me and Christine while we were 100% zoned out.  The first time we saw it we laughed because I looked vacant and out of it and Christine looks concerned and out of it.


Upon further, zoomed in, inspection, I see that Christine is still concerned but I am more than vacant, I’m clearly disgusted. 

What could I have been so disgusted about?  If memory serves, the only thing that was happening in the direction that my eyes were gazing was a reunion between Michelle and her parents and her sister. 

So apparently I hate families?  I’m sure I was thinking about chai tea or syrup or falling asleep on planes or something else I really don’t like, but quite frankly, the tabloids are never going to buy it.

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I’m so excited for Christmas!!  This year I get to buy a tree and ornaments and gift wrap and ribbon and a tree skirt!

I’m so excited!!  I’m going to wrap about two dozen gifts for Muffin, just so there will be mounds of presents underneath!!

This is the tree I want:


Muffin will LOVE sleeping underneath it!!  This Christmas will be Muffin’s 15th birthday!! 

I’m going to the Salvation Army today to buy marked-down-but-new stuff!!  Do you think they’ll have anything yet?

Christmas is here!!!

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Last Chicago Post

This is my last Chicago post!  Miscellaneous pictures from the weekend:

Our favorite engaged runners!!:





I’ve never been accused of being tall, yet this is where Jenna lands when we hug:




Thanks for taking us all in Christine!!  Thanks for running, runners!!  Thanks for hanging out with me Jenna!!  Thanks for being the best friend combination in the world, Hoops and Bemi!!  Thanks for cheering, everybody else!!  Thanks for shutting down for us, city of Chicago!!

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Chicago Pictures

As the old saying goes:  “There’s more to Chicago than Bemi.”

This was also a weekend of running:



(0.2 miles to go!  Michelle is in green and Ally is the one in the white hat.)




(the C is for “Christine”)

and open mouthed pictures:





This was also a weekend of bloody t-shirts.  There are no pictures of this (thankfully), but the image is impossible to erase from the mind (unfortunately).

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