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Engagement Photo Bonanza

Yesterday our House Church Leader/Really Good Photographer Person/Friend, Ryan, took 256 Engagement Photos for Jim and I. 


He went above and beyond for us, and we appreciate it immensely!  THANK YOU, RYAN!!

They all can be found at Ryan’s flickr page here, but following are some of my favorites:

Then we got tired…wah, wahw:

Then I got excited again! Overly so!!

Thumbs up! To one and all!


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Every month or so I get an uncontrollable urge to watch Angus.


Somebody help me scratch this itch!

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Registration Relief

You know what Jim and I thought would be fun?

Registering. Certainly wielding a UPC gun around a couple all-purpose stores would be gleeful and make us feel sufficiently self-important.


What really occured was an exhausting and humbling experience that lasted a total of 6-8 hours (time lost all meaning).

Thankfully there were no registration horror stories. We disagreed on next-to-nothing and it was truly a bonding experience. I left those stores more in love with Jim than ever.

All we wanted to do was watch several episodes of LOST while eating far too much Hamburger Bean Pie. But there we were, stuck in a sea of commerce, our feet aching and our tummies grumbling, with no end in sight (until we were done and the end was grabbed hold of with resounding victory).

And LOST is great. The next episode we have to watch is the Season 3 finale! Excitement!

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What’s Up.

Heyo Hwy 169!

I just raised my new chair as high as it would go so that I’d see maximum amount of outside.

Hey red truck! Hey rush hour traffic light flashing yellow. Heyo white sports car with two race-lines over the trunk.

So moving is mostly done. The woman who used to be in this cube is on maternity leave and she had a lot of stuff in her cube, so her manager has been trying to slowly move her things out. He still has a lot to do. Therefore, my belongings are in various piles around the cubicle. Next week I plan to make it a little more like home.

Look guys! Sunlight! Green grass! It’s right there!

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Vote Mark to Japan!

Hey everybody,

You may remember last year when I blogged about my friend Mark Witmer and the Ninja Warrior competition. His video last year got enough votes to send him to California, but he didn’t make the cut to Japan.

But this year there is no elimination round in California – it’s all about the internet votes! SO please be a part of sending Mark to Japan, seriously! I have the right to have a friend who is a real ninja! Don’t deprive me of that right!

Go to the link below, watch the video (WHICH IS INSANE!) and give the guy 5 stars, please.

Here’s Mark’s facebook note, with further deets:

All there is between me and a trip to Japan to be on Ninja Warrior (a tv show) is your votes. I’d be grateful for your vote. Please go to the G4 website (www.g4tv.com/ninjawarrior) and vote for MARK W.’s video for the American Ninja Challenge 3. There’s no elimination round this time, just votes. I’ve been training for the last 6 months to prepare for the possibility of me going, but I can’t get there without the help of my friends, family, co-workers and even strangers. Get an account with G4 (they don’t spam you or anything) and then you can vote on the videos. I’m SO grateful for your support. I hope you like the video.


Mark Witmer

What are you waiting for? GO VOTE. And then come back here and comment your thoughts on the video (my favorite part is when he lifts approximately 7560 pounds)

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Moving on over

This weekend we braved the wilderness.  We drove.  We camped.  We conquered.

Seriously, we conquered The Temperance River like nobody’s business.  And I’ve got the knee bruises to prove it!

There were stars, there were waterfalls, there were people swimming underneath the waterfalls, and of course there were people jumping off cliffs for some reason unknown to me.

Despite my distaste for dew, which was also aplenty, this was a fantastic weekend.  Sometimes I wish it were my job to jump from rock to rock across rivers and their currents.

But now I’m back to work.  My admin just came over to my cube and informed me that I’m moving cubicles again.  It’s actually kind of a big deal.  Where before windows were a luxury I could only dream of, now I’m but one cubicle away from a window, and in the near future (Friday) I’ll have a window cube.  That’s right you guys, I’m moving to the cubicle kiddy corner from the one I sit in now.  And it has a window.  Pret. ty. good.

Working in excel while overlooking the intersection of 169 and 394 is almost the same as river rock hopping for a living.

Dreams do come true.

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