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I watched The Goonies this weekend, and was a little taken aback by a couple things in the closing scene.  If I had been present in Astoria that morning, I would have offered up two pieces of advice.

For Chunk:  You can’t just tell Sloth that he is going to live with you for the rest of his life.  I know you really love him, but that’s a huge commitment, and you need to run that by your mom.

For Clark:  However affectionately you might mean it, you really shouldn’t say to a girl: “Your looks wouldn’t be too bad if your face didn’t get in the way.”  

Here’s to a long life of solitude and bitterness for you, kiddo.



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My new name is Tootie

Anna Leisa and I had a chance to hang out with the Stahl boys last night.  We had a lovely little conversation with Josh that went a little something like this:

Josh:  You tooted.

me:  What?

AL:  He said you tooted.

me:  I certainly did not toot.

Josh:  You tooted.

me:  I really did not toot, Josh.

(AL is laughing)

Josh: …I’m going to call you Tootie.

Yeah? Well, as they say, young Josh: whoever smelt it is surely that which dealt it.

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Co-worker Conversations

Yesterday I was leaving the breakroom, carefully carrying a cup filled with much-anticipated water, when one of my co-workers walked past. 

We had this brief exchange:

Co-worker:  “Hi, Christine!  How are you?”

Me:  “Oh, I’m good.  How are you?”

Co-worker:  “Good.  You look like the cat that the canary.”

Me:  “…what?”

Co-worker:  “You know, what does a cat that ate a canary look like?”

Me:  “…”

Then we parted ways.

Wait.  What?

Is it because I’m wearing red and brown today?  Like blood and brown feathers?  I don’t get it.  Is it because I’m young?  Like a cat?

Much like on this day, my confusion compelled me to do a little research.  A quick google search taught me that to look like a “cat that ate the canary” means to look:

smug (smŭg)

adj., smug•ger, smug•gest.

Exhibiting or feeling great or offensive satisfaction with oneself or with one’s situation; self-righteously complacent: “the smug look of a toad breakfasting on fat marsh flies” (William Pearson).



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Monday Night Date

Yesterday I had a playdate in St. Paul with Lane and Matias!

Upon my arrival, Lane boasted of Matias’ newly formed mullet/bald spot:

Then we flipped him around and he charmed us with his baby wiles:


Then we danced:

Then Matias proclaimed his hunger by feverishly attempting to eat his mother:

Then my camera ran out of batteries, so we had to stop documenting the cute.  In stead, we took Matias’ suggestion and dined.  We ate our picnic under the trellis in the backyard.  The neighbors were listening to the soundtrack to West Side Story.

Afterwards, we went on a carride to the magical world of Walgreen’s. To Lane’s chagrin and befuddlement, the Ramones’ Blitzkrieg Bop was playing over the speakers.  We discussed the strangeness of this as Matias passive-aggresively collapsed onto Lane’s forearm for a nap. 

Then we went out for ice cream and made friends with a couple and their newborn.  They were really nice, and the hot topic was…you guessed it: “babies!”

After returning home, Lane changed his diaper and played his buttcheeks like they were a set of drums. He seemed to enjoy this immensely and he’s going to be so embarassed when I remind him of that every time I see him for the rest of my life.

The end. Thanks for hanging out with me last night, 2/3 of the Vega family!

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Whether rain or shine:

Way to go ladies!

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If you’re getting annoyed at all my whining (or whinging for you British-English speakers), please bear with me as I find complaining, and just about everything else, to be hilarious right now.

So remember when I went crazy and went to webmd at 2am because I thought my foot/leg was going to be amputated?

Well, yesterday I went crazy again and was convinced that I had the plague.  I went to webmd and searched on the word “tired” (my most prominent symptom).  I came across this fascinating website.  I read it from beginning to end, it was the funniest thing I’d ever read for some reason.  That man really wanted me to “never be tired again.”  For just 50 dollars he was willing to send me his e-book, which held all his secrets.

All that hearty and unexplained laughter really tuckered me out, so then I went home and took a nap.

Then I got back on trusty old webmd to search on some more symptoms.  I was informed that I have what the medical community would call “the common cold.”  It is called this because of how common it is!!!!!!  Did you know that adults have “the common cold” 3-16 times a year?


At this point I had a migraine which I attributed to my illness (and not to my caffeine addiction) and was thusly convinced that I had the flu or mono or something ridiculous that I don’t have.  I knew what I had to do – take my temperature. 

I had a temperature of 125 degrees!!!! 

My stupid Australian thermometer was broken and since I decided I needed to know what my temperature was, I made a trek to my local pharmacy.  I drove in silence (as the sound of the radio painfully confronted my poor sensitive ears) and I entered trusty old Walgreens (squinting at the florescent lights which burned at my poor sensitive eyes), and made my way to the temperature taking section. 

I bought an appropriately priced thermometer and then proceeded to use it.  My temperature was a brisk 97.9.


I guess now I have no excuse to not run 13.1 stupid miles tomorrow.

On a side note, I often use Google’s image search for my blog posts.  Pictures really brighten a post up, wouldn’t you say?  So I Google imaged “the common cold” just now and this was on the first page:

It’s a stuffed microbe!

So funny!!!

I also watched ER last night!  John Stamos!! 

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Weekly Learnings

I’ve been a bit under the weather this week.  In the process I’ve collected an assortment of helpful sick-time do’s and don’t’s!  Allow me to share them with you.


  • Drink Tea
  • Dine on soup over a pleasant viewing of High Noon.
  • Keep kleenex on hand
  • Make sure you get plenty of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Iron.
  • Sleep as much as possible.


  • Take on a seemingly simple three mile run
  • Eat half a bag of SweetTart jelly beans (note that this is not recommended under most circumstances)
  • Spend five obsessive hours of a sick day gathering assorted media, blankets, hats, purses, bookcases, computer chairs, computer printers, etc. and lugging it all to your car by yourself to take to Goodwill, all the while muttering “I’m gonna pass out.”  For the love of Pete and Pete, you’re not moving for two more months, you don’t have to do it today!!
  • Attempt intellectual conversations of any sort

It is my hope that you have learned something new today, and will thus be better prepared next time you wake up with some of those pesky throat tickles, fevers, or “da shakes.”

Have a great day!

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