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No One Would Tell

Last week, my friend Brigitte wrote one of my favorite blog entries ever. At the end of the post, Brigitte – a long-time lover of Lifetime movies – debriefed a classic she recently caught on TV. It was 1996’s No One Would Tell, and it starred Fred Savage as the jealous, abusive boyfriend and Candace Cameron as the naive, yet loyal victim.


I don’t have cable, and I haven’t in a long time, so I can’t say I’m really up to snuff on all the Lifetime movies that are out there. This one, though, seemed familiar.

To my delight, a quick youtube search told me I’d be able to watch the whole thing online.

Which is exactly what I did.

I also forced my friend Beth to watch it.

As we intently followed these characters’ misadventures through high school, we realized that the cast was made up of some seriously familiar faces. Like Sally Jessy Rafael, and that one guy.

One particular face seemed more familiar than the rest…

It was the face of Tony Dinardo, Bobby (Fred Savage)’s best friend. I couldn’t quite place where I’d seen this guy from, but I knew this was a face that has been permanently etched in the recesses of my brain.

After the movie was finished, we took a trip to imdb to discover as much as we could about this movie and it’s actors.

First, we learned that the plot keywords for this film were (*SPOILER ALERT*): “Disturbing,” “Physical Abuse,” “Abusive Boyfriend,” “True Crime,” and “Bowling”

That makes me feel: indignant. There is one bowling scene in this movie – unlike Grease 2, which literally oozed bowling. Where is the justice?

But I digress…

Second, we learned that Tony was played by none-other-than Rodney Eastman.

That’s right. Joey Crusel from Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

This successfully made my day.

To further aside, now I can’t get the Dream Warriors theme song (yes, Dokken) out of my head!!

We’re the dream warriors! Ain’t gonna dream no more!


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Dear Everybody

Hi friends,

This week I was all set to get back on a 5 day a week blogging schedule. I started out well on Monday with a post, but then – what do you know?! IT’S THURSDAY AGAIN!

Thursdays, how did you get into my life? And how do you dispose so easily of Tuesday and Wednesday?

Today I want to write about candy.

One of my favorite things about my job is the endless supply of candy that’s sitting on the file cabinet by our admin’s cube. Sometimes it’s fun-sized chocolate bars (fun-size!). And there’s Twix in there sometimes! Twix! Also, Kit-Kats! Also Skittles!

My favorite thing about Skittles is that if you take a whole handful at a time, every handful tastes slightly different than the handful before. Unless you got the same handful somehow. That would be CRAZY. Too crazy. You know?

I used to eat Skittles one solitary Skittle at a time, but now I have less leisure time. So I do handfuls now. It’s good. It’s good.

Recently our admin added Beef Jerky to the candy shelf. I was elated. Certainly the only thing better than Skittles and Twix is Beef Jerky. I can’t tell you how often I have cravings for savory salty stick-things. Truly all my dreams are coming true. But just during the day while I’m at work.

Rachel doesn’t keep that kind of stuff in the house.

What about tropical skittles? What do you think about those? I go back and forth.

Rachel got a new recliner for our living room. Pretty cool. Pretty cool.


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Horse Sundays!

Knowing my growing interest in baby horses (shouldn’t surprise anyone), yesterday my favorite quasi-professional horse rider Emily Schofs took me out to see some baby horses!

She totally delivered. We spent some quality time with two baby horses, including the one pictured at the bottom of that second link.  He’s about a month old, and was a little too frightened to let us pet him.  But the two-month-old horse let me pet him/her like crazy!  (S)He was molting, and the new horse fur that was coming in (as well as the old baby/foal fur) was so fantastically soft.

Unfortunately I left my camera in the car for the majority of the time and the only horse I got a picture of was not an actual baby horse.  

He was small though.  He was a mixture of a pony and a miniature breed. 

I like to call him a donkey.

The cutest donkey ever!

(Emily gohn kill me for my offensive inaccuracy, but Ida care!)

Further, if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a small horse and a big horse, please compare and contrast the above picture with the below picture.  Emily will act as our constant as she has neither decreased nor increased in size over the past month.  


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Thursday City

It’s Thursday already. Well, whaddaya know, right? Sometimes I feel that Thursday sneaks up on you. Just sneaks on up. You know? Like it’s Monday. And then if you work real hard and fast, the next thing you know: It’s Thursday!

What are you doing today to celebrate? I’m planning on eating baked beans for lunch, and going to a bunch of meetings. And then do fun things after work. But that’s not ’til later. For now, it’s excel-city and client-facing-city for this girl.

My favorite part about morning time at work is when I get to go make a cup of coffee. It’s so delicious! And it’s freeee! I almost never make coffee at home any more. Who needs it, right? Nobody, that’s who. Not if you get it free at work and the free stuff at work is good.

Did you know that when you clean an oven, the fumes smell bad?

I’m going to go make myself a cup of coffee.


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Carriage Ride Gone Wrong

This weekend the MMMP women went on a women’s retreat.  We girled it up big time. 

We went on a boat ride, wandered around the downtown shops, stayed at a Bed & Breakfast, got really dressed up for no reason, and went on a horse-drawn carriage ride.

None of us had ever been on a carriage ride before and since splitting the cost 5 ways was not an unreasonable expense – we decided we’d go ahead and throw caution to the wind.

At first it was pretty good, but it didn’t take long before things got a little crazy.  We found ourselves being given a horse-drawn tour of shop parking lots and biker bars…then the driver told us he’d take us by the river, but that we’d have to keep our feet up because with the river rising, we’d definitely be going through a couple feet of water.  We were a little surprised at the idea of having to hold our feet up when our feet were already 5 feet above ground, but we complied nonetheless.

He took us into the river, but it was much deeper than he anticipated, so he yelled that we’d have to turn around.  Then the whole carriage started toppling and shaking as the horse tried to turn around.  Jamie almost fell out into the river (seriously!!).

Then he dropped us off by the dumpster behind the ice cream shoppe and required us to pay him. 

Then it started to downpour.

Then he went back to the restaurant we’d eaten dinner at and told our waitress we weren’t coming back, so she threw our leftovers away (I’m sure it was an honest mistake, but all of us were really sad to lose these).

So, yep.  Us girls’ll certainly never forget our first horse-drawn carriage ride:  where we were dropped off at a dumpster, had our food taken away, and almost tipped over into a river. 

I have no regrets.

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Dream Priorities

Last night I had a frightening and oh-so realistic dream.

As background, a few weeks ago our office got a new coffee maker. It’s pretty sweet. You put these little pod-cups in the coffee maker and select the ounces you want poured into your cup, and voila! You get your very own individualized cup of coffee!

I had my doubts at first, expecting it to bust down in a matter of days, but I was wrong. It’s been nothing but great!

For big meetings, where we need the larger canisters of coffee, we still have the old coffee maker set up on the other side of the break room.

Okay, cue dream:

It’s morning-time. I’m really really excited about coffee. I go into the breakroom and go to the old coffee maker, like old times. I pour some coffee in my cup, and I’m ready to drink it, but then I think “I am an idiot. Why am I drinking THIS coffee when I could be drinking the new, better coffee?” So I pour my coffee down the sink and head over to the new coffee maker.

But it was gone! They’d taken it down and all that was left was this barren space on the counter where it used to reside. Apparently the new maker was a failed experiment.

“Oh, well,” I think, as I turn around to head to the old coffee maker again, “I’ll just drink the older coffee. It’s okay too.”

So then I start pumping the coffee, but it’s ALL OUT! I’d used up the last bit of coffee, and then I’d poured it out. I brought it upon my dream-self! It was devastating, to say the least.

When I woke up, It took awhile for me to shake the feeling that I wouldn’t get any coffee today.

In summation: Coffee. It’s way too big a part of my life.

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Adventures in Entertainment

Last Wednesday’s Twins game ushered in a delicious romp of entertainment-related adventures.

Huh. Delicious romp.

Maybe I need to lay off the hyperbole for awhile.

Anyway, let’s list this thing!

  1. Thursday night the Waller-Mussacks had us over for a long overdue viewing of Ghost.  None of us had seen it before and we were all entranced.  Kind of.  I fell asleep.  Brigitte liked it better than Mother Dearest.  Jim hated it.  Mark was initially incredulous of IMDB’s classifications of this movie being a “Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Mystery / Romance / Thriller” all at once, but was fully convinced by the end.
  2. Saturday Jim and I caught a little league game in Brooklyn Center.  We picked the right game.

    First, the umpire actually told the Orioles’ coach to replace the catcher because he wasn’t catching well enough.  Seriously.  This was a minor league Little League game!  That means these kids were less than 10 years old!  Tell me, how is a kid going to learn how to catch if you don’t let him make a mistake or two? 

    You’re not a coach, you’re an umpire. Know your place.

    Talk about an uproar!

    Second, the third base coach was asked to leave the field for being too loud and aggressive. 


  3. Jim and I watched probably 9 episodes of Lost (Season 1) on Saturday.  Ooft.  Break time!
  4. Saw The Strangers on Saturday night.  I screamed out loud, at least 3 times.  Embarassing?  Indeed.  I NEVER WANT TO BE ALONE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.
  5. Watched a slew of R. Kelly music videos last night.  Did you know he’s the worst lyricist ever?  I didn’t know.  But now I do know.
  6. One word:  “hip-hopera.”  Never again.

Entertainment winner of the week?  Little League!  LITTLE LEAGUE!  LITTLE LEAGUE!

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