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Saluton Amikos!

Long time blog readers may remember a young fellow by the name of Andrew. Here is a 2006 entry to jog your memory.  Andrew came into our lives, and small group, like a joy-filled tornado.  He then jetted himself off to Japan for a year, leaving us bereft and alone yet filled to the brim with fond memories.

Last week Andrew dug up an old email chain (click the above link for more about that email) and reply-alled, informing us that he would be in Minneapolis for a few days and would love to drum up a reunion with the “gang” at our old stomping grounds (Holy Land).  This gang consists of Ben, Anna Leisa, myself, and Andrew.  And even though we only dined on gyros from Holy Land once as a foursome, it still affectionately reminds us all of each other.

Long story short, we planned ourselves a reunion there yesterday and gorged on falafel.  We even claimed our old table!  Boom!

Reunion pictures!

The whole gang:

We took many of the above types of pictures, but most of them ended up cutting Andy out.  Like this one, for instance:

This was when they called Andy’s order number.  Look how THRILLED he is at the prospect of falafel:

The brown-loving boy portion of the ol’ gang:

The Diet-Mountain-Dew-loving girl portion of the ol’ gang:

Anna Leisa spilled falafel all over her pants and cried for 25 minutes:

Then we talked about things and there was much laughter:

Pure unadulterated joy:

Little known facts that I gleaned from yesterday’s gathering:

  1. Ben and Anna Leisa regularly have dreams where their teeth fall out.  Andy and I never have.  What does it mean?
  2. Andy and I regularly have dreams where people are chasing us.  Ben and Anna Leisa never have (In Ben’s dreams, he does the chasing).  What does it mean?
  3. There is apparently a language that was invented in the 1800s called Esperanto.  Did you know?  It was meant to be a shared second language for the population of the entire world.  I’m not sure why it didn’t work out.  A movie was even made in Esperanto, starring William Shatner himself.



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Seasons Greetings

Raise your hand if you went to Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa this weekend!!

Ooh, me!  Me!  I did!

First, behold the wonder of the Jolly Green Giant:

It was a very very exciting moment:

Further: Barns! Hay! Wild pregnant cats!

Just look at how prego that cat is!

Seasons greetings, you guys. Iowa sends its love.

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Visual Satisfaction

Best ornament ever.

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A Night with the Quickerts

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of spending some quality time with Jemima Quickert.

We crammed a lot of activities in our couple hours together:  we watched 20 minutes of Bourne Identity, 20 minutes of While You Were Sleeping, practiced our patented noises (“oohing” and lip-flubbering mostly), played with Baby Tad, played with Gil, read from an animal book, read from a Dinosaur book, read from a Dietrich Bonhoeffer book (guess which book she enjoyed the least), got baby poop everywhere, and oohed and awed at the light inside the refrigerator that comes on when the door opens.

Let’s back up though. When I arrived at their house last night, to my delight, this was what was waiting for me:

In case you can’t tell from the blurry picture, this is a picture of “quiz time.”

There were 15 food items lying on the table, and it was my task to guess which items contained high fructose corn syrup, and which didn’t.

The ones I got wrong (6) are on the left, the ones I got right are on the right (9):

Can you believe there is high fructose corn syrup in STUFFING (the second ingredient!!)??? and in Barbecue Sauce?! Completely ridiculous.

And because Jemima is so adorable, here are some other pictures from the evening:

A race to Gil:



And eating the cardstock off the VCR Head Cleaner Tape cover:

If you’re interested: more from last night, several from Alexis’ baby shower, and as many as we could get (before my battery ran out) of the Waller-Mussack wedding can be found here.

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There’s a very interesting post over at the Pop Culture Blogulator today.  It was so interesting that I thought I would repost its content here:

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Yet another picture post…

…what can I say?  These things write themselves.

First, this girl got married on Saturday:


To Jonathan. Here they are as the Kings:

Once married, they danced:

Then there were a lot of pictures like this taken throughout the weekend:

Table 34 played the emotion game (where someone yells out an emotion and then a picture is immediately taken). This is “embarassed”:

And this is the emotion of “Santa Claus just walked in:”

Table 34 minus Bill and Bemi:

This girl I love:

The Smootheez, aka “the other wednesday project group.” Plus me and minus a bunch of people:


The loveliest Gina:

The Wrights’ first dance:

Another wedding table:

Sarah was also at the table:

All the Rachels, united at last:

Rachel1 and I:

Rachel2 and I (I got a lot of crap after this one, so the rest of the night was Mannequin themed):

Girls Girls Girls!:

Mas Girls!:



And in conclusion. Mannequin 3: Fully Loaded:

We’re pretty lame, if you think about it.

Congratulations on wedding yourselves, Wrights and Kings!

Buddum ching!

More pictures from the weekend can be found here.

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At last, all our hard work, sweat, blood, and tears have come to their fruition. 

Yes, today the people of Mo’ Mammon, Mo’ Problems proudly present to you Boomie:

Look at him go!

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