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On Marathon Training:

Does it count as training if you’re walking half of your long runs?


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If Fox were to make a reality show in which America (or 3 unqualified judges) would choose a pastor for a mega-church in Florida from a pool of undesirable candidates, I think it might look a little bit like this:

This one was interesting to watch on Friday and then discuss with people afterwards. I really enjoyed Todd’s funeral scene (walking that wonderful line between humorous and horrifying), Beaker’s tithing message, and Leroy’s commercial – so basically what everybody else liked.  So, I liked the video, but was pretty surprised to hear how much everybody else loved it:  a few of my friends, after the service, told me that it was one of the best they’ve ever seen.  Woah and Hooray!  That is cause for celebration!

A youtube celebration.  The kind where you let go of all your fears and inhibitions, hit play on that video up above, and enjoy some pure “comic copper“!

Post Script:  If you’d like to throw a Rock TV themed computer party, or if your desire is to simply watch more videos, you’d probably be interested in knowing that more Rock TVs can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/users/RockTV.

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A Striking Similarity

In the mood for a Sandra Bullock thriller, anybody? 

Hmm…what to choose, what to choose?

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Today is Thursday, so it seems an appropriate time to share some Thursday-related facts I’ve picked up over the years:

  • Thursday is greek for the number “four.” Did you know?
  • Unlike in America, all general elections in the UK have been held on Thursdays for the past 70+ years.
  • Thor, of false god (of thunder) fame, originally coined the name “Thur” for himself because he was obsessed with his birthday, which fell on a Thursday. At the onset of his career, a radio dj accidentally referred to him as “Thor” and the name stuck!*
  • The Hindi word for Thursday is “Guruvar.”
  • The garbage man comes Thursdays. This means you have to take the trash out Wednesday night.
  • If you were to enter a Thailand business park on any given Thursday, you might find that all the men are wearing orange ties. Orange Thursdays, they call it.
  • The Walker Art Center Box Office does not open on Thursdays until 11:00. This can be annoying.
  • Thursday, October 24, 1929 is often referred to as “Black Thursday” as there was some sort of Stock Market crash which heavily impacted the global economic system and, apparently, made many people depressed.
  • Seinfeld used to play on Thursdays. Now The Office does. Lost, though, will be on Mondays, I think.

*A wikipedia entry on “Thursday” proved this Thor crap to actually not be too far from the truth.  This, accordingly, blew my mind.

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I am ridiculous.

How many times can I post about being the worst hypochondriac the world has ever known?  Never enough.

This morning I woke up with some of those throat sores and friendly white spots all up in my throat’s “grill.”  Mixed with an assortment of other fun symptoms, I quickly came to the conclusion: Mono.  This time it’s gotta be Mono.  For sure.

As a reality check, my good friend Jess has had Strep Throat literally a half dozen times in the last 2 months (and is getting her tonsils ripped out today), so it would make sense that I caught one of her Streps. 

Reality fails to interest me. I’m going with Mono.

From here on out, I would advise you to think of my saliva as poison.

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Fear and Captivation.

Right now I am so tired I can barely lift my fingers to these here keys.  I’m fairly convinced that I’m dying, but Ben has assured me that I do not have Cancer.  So that’s good.

Anyway, the most effortless-to-post item I could think of to blog about today was this picture that Jenna put on facebook from our trip to Chicago:

What? Why do I look like this? 

Well, I’ll tell you. All the raw emotion shown on that face is due to Christine having just pointed out … the building from Adventures in Babysitting.

For real.  That’s all.

It’s a little sad and embarassing, right?  Will you laugh with me?  If you agree to laugh with me, it will be okay.  I will be okay.

I don’t know how Jenna does it, but she always seems to have her camera out at just the right moments to capture the most confusing of my emotions (see last year’s candid photo).

Nap time!  No?  Not nap time?

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