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Too cold

It’s too cold outside.

I just did a google image search on “too cold” and this is what I found:

Will you look at that thing?  It’s completely covered in ice!

That boat’s not going anywhere.  What’s up.

You guys, for real.  This is ridiculous.  I think in Grand Marais today, with the windchill, it’s going to be negative 57 degrees.  NEGATIVE 57 DEGREES.  100 degrees warmer than that is still too cold.

And if a frozen boat and Grand Marais aren’t enough to get your knickers in a twist,  Ben burned his house down last night.



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Lava Avoidance

On Saturday night, myself and four other individuals played a rousing game of “Lava Monster,” though the game might more accurately be named the “Don’t Touch the Carpet Because It’s Made of Lava, Which Will Kill You” game.

Grown adults jumping from couches to chairs, creatively shimmying about in an attempt to avoid contact with what we had dubbed hot magma. 

We made our way as a team to Jordan and Luke’s room in the back of the boyz’ Dinnaken apartment.  Then we made our way back to the safe-zone, the linoleum-floored kitchen, where we dined on cereal.

If my schedule allowed, I would play this game every day for the rest of my life.

Yeah, we’re pretty much the most cultured people you’ve ever met.

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Heat Wave!

If you know me, you know that one of my favorite things in the world is a good old fashioned heat wave.  The sun, ladies and gentleman, is nature’s very own joy factory.

I’ve always said so.  And so have my cats.  Not verbally.  I’m not crazy.  Cat’s don’t talk.  No, they said it via long sprawls by the window where the sun would laser its way into our house.  Sometimes I would lie with them.  Because there is nothing better than heat.  No sir.

That is why I am more than thrilled about the heat wave that’s knocking down our doors this weekend.  Word is that we’re supposed to hit positive 25 degrees.  Oh yeah.  Get out my life, mittens!  Sayonara, neck warmer!  Spring has arrived!

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Blog Laziness

Still post-holiday depressed.  Can’t lift my spirits enough even to participate in my favorite and not-at-all-burdensom activity:  blogging.

Until things return to normal, here’s an otter to fawn over:

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Post MLK Depression

Every year after Martin Luther King Jr. day, I get terribly depressed.  Cripplingly depressed.

You see, every year the eager anticipation of MLK day helps me to find joy in every majestic snowfall preceding it, and glee in every MLK day hymn.  Is it not true that everything pre-MLK is magic?  However, everything post-MLK is like sifting through a sea of leprechaun droppings.

Welcome to the armpit of the year, America.  All you have waiting for you over the next two months is grey slush, long work days, hate-filled pets, and crabby neighbors.

Thanks for ruining my life, you guys.

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Did you know that Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day?  I sure didn’t!

Surprise holidays!

Do you get the day off?  If you do, what will you do with it?  I’m going to the only place I can think of that could properly honor the life of Dr. King. 

You guessed it.  Valleyfair.  The happiest place on earth.

It’s too cold out for the log ride, but I’m probably going to ride that Octopus thing, like, 13 times in a row.


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Fellow Feeling via Feline Fotos

I’m sorry guys. I need to back up a little bit.

Remember this?

Recently I’ve been mulling over the question: “If I could save any artifact in all of human history, what would it be?”

It’s a big question.

A tough question.

You know what? Forget it. It’s not tough at all. Because I would definitely be saving the above picture. Forget old letters, photos of loved ones, historical documents, or beloved memorabilia. I’m saving this cat. Sorry, no. This cat picture.

I think it really speaks volumes of our generation. Don’t you?

Hold the phone. Sorry, again. I wrote all that before I saw the following picture.

Yes, I do believe that in the event of an apocalypse, this is what will keep my heart warm as the world falls into its icy nuclear aftermath:

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