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Fluorescent Pain


They just replaced some flourescent lights above my cubicle and now my eyes hurt. Too much. Too much!

Also, we finished another Rock TV and aired it last Friday. It is below:


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More K9 Adventures

Continuing this blog’s theme of Dogs that attack me on outings…on Wednesday I got bowled over by a 185 pound dog.

Backing up: On Wednesday, Jess and I took her puppy Louise to a no-leash dog park. When we arrived, we were met by Louise’s friend/object of pure fright, Duke. Duke is an English Mastiff. He astounds optical senses. He looks like this:

Duke, although much larger than every person in the immediate vicinity, is still very much a puppy. He’s a little clumsy and excitable, and he doesn’t really look where he’s going when he runs.

So, there we were, watching Duke chase poor frightened Louise around the dog park when all of a sudden Duke came barreling at me. Before I could think to get out of the way, I was knocked to the floor with several dog owners surrounding me, asking if I was okay.

Really, it was hilarious. Sure, my elbow is a little scraped and my knee is a little bruised, but no clothes were ripped and Duke learned his lesson. That’s all that matters.

I guess it’s just fun starting conversations with “I got p’owned by a puppy this week.”

Seriously though. Did you see that dog? I’ve never seen anything that big in my life!

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My mother-in-law has just blessed me tremendously with a freshly tuned Singer sewing machine.

I haven’t opened it up yet (it’s one of those that folds into a table), and I really don’t know how to use a sewing machine very well, but I am SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. I’m going to start making some clothes – but I’m not sure yet where to start. Maybe I should start with a scarf. I like scarves for wearing, and I doubt I can screw up the mechanics of a scarf. Take a long piece of fabric, fold it in half, sew it together, right?

If any of you hip sewers know where I can find good, free, patterns, let me know! I’ve already been perusing Burda, but that’s all I’ve found so far.

Send me your advice.

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It’s Dinosaur Day

I just had lunch with my friends Alexis and Xavier Smith. Alexis told me that they have declared today “Dinosaur Day” around the Smith household. Doug is a pterodactyl. Alexis is a Brontosaurus. Xavier is a T-Rex. She listed off a couple dinosaurs for me to be.

I chose the Wooly Mammoth.

What dinosaur are you today?

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