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From today’s Daily Faithwalkers Journal, written by one of our pastor’s wives, Dawn Bovenmyer:

For in Christ all the fullness of Deity lives in bodily form. Colossians 2:9 NIV

Being both a mom and grandmother, I’ve had plenty of experience with newborns. The top three questions I was asked following the birth of my babies related to the baby’s sex, name, and looks. The first two questions elicited obvious and straightforward answers, as in the case of our firstborn, “He’s a boy, and his name is Daniel.”

The last one was much more subjective. “Who does he look like?” This question invited all sorts of inspections, queries, and conclusions: “There’s that Knaphus nose”, or “Oh, he has the Bovenmyer notched ear,” or “Whose eyes are those?” And more often than not, we heard the famous summation, “He looks like his brothers!”

Today we are celebrating Christmas. It’s a story about a baby’s birth, and I’m sure Mary and Joseph were asked the top three questions themselves. Sex and name—no problem: “He’s a boy, and His name is Jesus.” Who does he look like? “Well, there’s some of mom and hmmm, not much of dad…he looks like a baby, OK.” And so He was, a helpless, human baby, for you see, God, through His Son, had joined the human family.

We’ll never fully comprehend the passionate love that drove God the Father to send His Son into our world to become one of us, live with us, and ultimately die for us. But because of that decision, we each have been offered an invitation, a tremendous Christmas gift, to become part of another family, God’s family, with a new name (Chris-tian, “belonging to Christ”) and the promise of looking like Him. Jesus became part of the human family so that we could become part of God’s family. What an incredible gift!


Amen.  An incredible invitation and a gift that’s worth celebrating.


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1:30am Conversations

About 9 hours ago, I came home to our apartment after a most pleasurable Christmas party at the Waller-Mussack residence. When I came into our bedroom, Jim popped his head up. It made me very excited to know he was still awake because this meant I could tell him about the cat puzzle we’d spent the evening trying to put together. Unfortunately, the subject never came up. Instead we had this conversation:

Jim (garbled):  Good Morning, Minnesota

Christine:  What did you say?

Jim:  Good Morning, Minnesota

Christine:  What?

Jim (annoyed):  Good Morning, Minnesota

Christine:  Jim, you just said “Good Morning, Minnesota.”  What are you talking about?

Jim:  Multiply all the X’s

Christine:  What?

Jim (really annoyed):  Multiply all the X’s

Christine:  So, the answer to why you’re saying “Good Morning, Minnesota” is that you’re supposed to multiply the X’s?

Jim:  Are you making fun of me?

Christine:  Good night.

Jim:  Good night.

So this morning I told him about the cat puzzle instead.

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