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Working The Day After Christmas

Here I am.  In the office.  There is a grand total of ONE other person here.  Cue the tumbleweeds.

I’ve had a productive morning.  There’s only one more thing I have to do today, and it’s the absolute last thing I want to do:  I have to write performance objectives for this past year and then I have to write up my self assessment on those objectives and submit it to HR. 

It totally bites.

It’s not like I can’t do it.  I have put a surprising amount of background work into being able to do this accurately.  I just don’t want to do it.  Forming sentences.  Don’t want to.

But the faster I do it, the faster I get to go home.  So, really, I should just do it.

On another note, I got to my cube this morning to find my manager had left an envelope on my chair.  Inside this envelope was a Best of 2007 album he made.  It made my whole day.  Two facts:

  1. My manager has fantastic taste in music
  2. My manager is better than yours

Okay.  Objectives time.


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Bridging down South.

Regular blog lurkers may know that I’ve taken up the game of Bridge over the course of the last several months. According to the tutorial I went through, Bridge is the greatest game that has ever existed. Did you know?

Anyway, I got to the bidding portion of the tutorial and gave up since I wouldn’t be able to use any of that high tech bridge lingo on the friends in MN (who are all new to the juego).

Well, my dad gave me a swift kick in the pants on Saturday when he took me to play an actual afternoon game of Duplicate Bridge. (It was my Christmas surprise!) Basically I didn’t know how to bid wisely at all and was a huge dissapointment to him (kidding, Dad! Kind of). He used the first couple rounds of failings to teach me and we did all right in the end. We placed right in the middle. Boom!

I was seriously SO excited to play. SO EXCITED. 3 hours of cards. And everyone wants to be there. It was fantastic.

Following is a picture of my father and I before the game started. He was trying to review me on how to count points in my hand, but I was too busy eagerly handing my camera over to a passerby to take a picture of us on this momentous occasion.

Just look at that joy.  After this picture, my dad said to me “What are you so happy about?” and proceeded to teach me more about counting.

In conclusion, this was probably the most exciting event of 2007. 

As a post script, we really gotta get our hands on some of those green boxes in Minnesota.  They’re so helpful! 

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Visual Satisfaction

Best ornament ever.

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Sometimes I don’t blog because I have nothing to write about.  Sometimes I don’t blog because I’m too busy.  Bizzee, even.

Lately it’s somehow been the latter. 

So, without further ado, what I would’ve blogged if I’d had more time this week:

  1. Our work’s holiday party
  2. Someone at my work saying, completely straight-faced: “Sometimes I feel like MacGyver with my databases” and me laughing moderately hard.
  3. Juno.  It was so good!
  4. Hanging out with Jess and Peter and the inevitable Waiting for Guffman references that result.  “Hubbub hubbub”
  5. A picture of that owl
  6. My incalculable anticipation for seeing my parents tonight!
  7. My incalculable anticipation for getting to run outside this weekend in Las Vegas.
  8. This plant near my cube that is thriving only on caffeine and lack of sunlight.
  9. My incalculable anticipation for getting to spend time at an airport and on an airplane tonight!  Solitude!  Books!  Music through headphones!  Cramped spaces!  AHH!!  It’s too much!
  10. Coffee cards.  I got 3 of them for Christmas this year and I’m absolutely giddy about it.

There’s probably more, but I gotta get back to the grindstone.  The stone of grind, if you will.  But then I get to go to parent-town!!  WOO!

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Owl Tidings

Last night, in lieu of our normal monthly meeting, the St. Paul house church leaders gathered together for a small Christmas fiesta. Each of us were told to bring an ornament for a White Elephant style gift exchange.

In my shopping for this task, I came across a charming little owl ornament. Boy, do I love owls. And this one was singularly delightful. Made of sharp prickly stuff and twine. Perfect. I wasted no time putting him in my basket.

Let’s fast forward to the gift exchange. Ann was the second to select an ornament. She grabbed the box that my co-leader Ben had brought. The room burst into laughter as they saw her pull…an owl…out of the box. A softball sized, twiney, charming-looking owl.

I gasped.

It was the SAME OWL, you guys. THE SAME OWL!!

It was all I could do to keep myself from bursting into tear-filled laughter and excited exclamation.

This owl was the talk of the game. Whatever their opinion on this owl, whether it be of love or of hate, everyone had something to say about him.

My heart palpitated wildly as I stared at my present in the middle of the floor, yet unopened. I tried to calm myself by repeating “It’s okay, Christine. Eventually someone is going to open your present and then everyone can share in your merriment. Just be patient.” Seconds seemed like minutes. Minutes seemed like years.

Jon Dordal stole the owl from Ann earlier in the game, much to Ann’s chagrin (who at this point had grown quite attached to him). But the climax of the game occurred toward the end when Ann decided to steal back the owl from him. Instead of retaliating, Jon went for a new gift. To my complete and utter delight, he reached for mine.

I could hardly contain myself as he carefully peeled back the wrapping paper to reveal…the same owl.

My head was between my knees at this point so I didn’t get a good look at everyone’s reactions, but I did hear outbursts of disbelieving-laughter, so I reckon the reactions were probably pretty worth the minutes of agony I had to endure in waiting for my owl secrets to be revealed.


You guys, Ben and I bought the same owl.

My long-held theory has once again proven true: there must be something about Richfield that breeds this ridiculousness.

Best moment in White Elephant history – no doubt.

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Things that are true about myself

I am fierce.

Look at that.  Just look at those eyes. 

I believe this picture is an accurate depiction of the undeniable amount of ire that I regularly possess.

Sometimes I yell.  And my voice carries very well across great distances.  Sometimes I get so loud that people across the room can hear it.  Often these people will say things like “geez, Christine has a really loud voice that doesn’t blend in with background noise at all.”

Usually when I play competitive video games, I win.  This is because I’m fierce and am good at defeating others.  Especially games where there are lots of guns that need to be reloaded or rotated.

Also, sports.  I’m great at sports.  This is because I’m so competitive and fierce.  The only sports I do not enjoy are individually-motivated sports such as running or swimming.  I do not understand why someone would participate in an activity where there is not someone, or several someones, to literally and emotionally pummel in their quest for victory.

In sports, I am not a defensive player.  Rather, I am best placed in an offensive position.  If we were to play dodgeball right now, I would definitely be one of the people throwing and catching balls.  I would certainly not be the person in the back cowering at the idea of all the commotion.  Would you like to play dodgeball sometime?

What about Poker?  If we played Poker, I would almost definitely be victorious.  I would use various tactics to intimidate you into folding.  After everyone folds, because I’m so fierce, I would not show you what hand I really had.  I would hand it back to the dealer, face-down, and leave you all curious. 

I insist on maintaining the upper hand in all circumstances, but especially in poker.  The truth is, if we play poker, I would take all your money away via my superior skills.   And then I wouldn’t feel bad about it.

And I don’t love animals at all. 

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Queen of the Mountain!

Hi everybody, Christine here.

I just want to announce that right now I feel like a queen of some sort of mountain.  A mountain of work.  To become queen, I was forced to ruthlessly shove out of my way every piece of work that came between and my quest for the top.  And by “shove out of my way,” I of course mean “complete.” 

I guess I’m just happy about it.  That’s all.

How are you?

Also, anybody hazard to guess what my roommates actually said yesterday?  If you can guess, there’s some sour patch kids in it for you.

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