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Thank you, Mr. Eiffel

The next day Jim woke up feeling less than eager to go out again. The cuisine from the evening before had done quite a number.

But after resting for awhile in the morning we set out to go see the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triumphe:

Did I mention that it snowed? It was the wettest, grossest kind of snow to walk in, but it did make everything (besides the ground and the bottoms of our pants) look beautiful.

Here’s the view from the Trocadero Metro Stop:

And here’s the free toilette nearby the previous picture:

More cool views of the Eiffel Tower as we walked closer to it:

It’s behind us, can you see it?:

We were standing on the site of the World’s Fair, what the Tower was originally built for by Mr. Eiffel (did you know he privately funded and took full legal responsibility for it? Good thing it worked out, and didn’t kill anyone, right? At least I assume it didn’t kill anyone):

Proof this is fair territory:

Because of the fog, we had to use our imaginations here. We think there were mimes up there, but they couldn’t get down because they shut down the elevators when they closed the Tower (on account of the weather). And they left them up there accidentally because they were so quiet. And that’s why we didn’t see any mimes on our trip. They were all up on the top of the Eiffel Tower. They’re probably dead by now. Unless they opened the tower up again, which they definitely didn’t. Mr. Eiffel’s descendants are to be held responsible.

I feel justified posting so many pictures of the same thing because this turned out to be all we did this day.

We were feeling more sick and tired by the minute, so after this venture we decided to nix the Arc idea and retreat back to the hotel. Jim was feeling evermore physically sick, and I felt physically and psychologically sick (for various reasons, one of them was obvs the cold and wet feet and lower-half-of-my-pants – this always does a number on my psyche. So, no, I do not want to go sledding with you).

We spent the rest of the day drinking 7up and watching Band of Brothers and Project Runway.


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