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Paris Paris!

No, not the hotel in Las Vegas! The CITY! In France!! Where the clothe-ed people do not dance!

We spent the first three days in the hotel, which at first was intentional: to relax from a hectic couple of weeks. But quickly that hotel became our germ infested teeny weeny prison. First, I got sick, then Jim got REALLY sick, then Jim stayed sick, then I got sick again, and of course Jim was still sick, etc.

After 3 days of staying in the hotel, we ventured out to Notre Dame and the Louvre:

Notre Dame!

Rick Steves taught us lots of interesting facts!

We saw St. Denis!

and Joan of Arc!

We went to Jess’ Cafe:

To drink coffee from little cups:

And Coke Light from regular sized bottles:

We went to the Louvre!

And saw all kinds of art!

And Roman Emperors!

If you’ve ever read the Bible and wondered what Agrippa looked like, here he is:

And when Jesus tells the Pharisees to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” this is the Caesar that Jesus was referring to (Agrippa’s son):

And here’s Hadrian, who made the beard famous!

Here are the French crown jewels, looking kinda chintsy if you ask me:

The Wedding at Cana:

Mona Lisa:


We also saw some of the sculptures from Babylonian Palaces (the same palaces that Daniel would’ve gone to in the Old Testament book of the same name – so cool!):

Then we got some food court food to made us sick again and ventured homeward to our prison:

Tune in tomorrow for our trip to the Eiffel Tower on the snowiest day in Paris history (so I assume).


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