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Introducing Jackson

I must interrupt this voyage through the past to tell you about the newest member of our little family:

We introduce to you all Jackson Pollock Schofield.

Interesting facts about Jackson:

  • Each of his paws houses 6 toes (one of them houses 7!).  Jim informs me this is what the cat-world refers to as a Hemingway cat.
  • He is grey, with big eyes, and he is adorable.
  • His previous name was Senior Toes
  • His previous owner was incarcerated.  We’re hoping that it wasn’t for injecting his cat with illegal narcotics.
  • He takes frequent trips to the “Kitty Hotel” (our cutesy name for the Litter Box)
  • He loves to cuddle
  • He loves to play
  • He loves.

Join me in welcoming him to our community!


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