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Now that it’s all over…

Here I sit in old faithful, otherwise (and affectionately) known as my cubicle chair.

My how much has happened since I’ve last written. I do hope those puppies were enough to sate you. Did you notice that they were live?? Live puppies! Certainly that was better than anything I could have come up with.

Anyway, I suppose it’s time for me to stop not-blogging. I don’t have wedding planning as an excuse anymore. Plus I have a husband who gets me up early in the morning – early enough to blog.

So the wedding went pretty well. It was a fun day, the ceremony was very special, the pictures turned out superb (thanks Jodi!), even the ring bearer melt-downs were pretty cute.

For it being the coldest weekend in all of Minnesota history, it wasn’t that bad of a wedding!

I suppose many of you are wondering what we did on our honeymoon. I’m here to retroactively blog about it! YES!

Are you ready?

We saw Bolt in 3-D.




(Thanks Stahls, for gifting us with movie tickets and free soda pop!)


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