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Sometimes I don’t blog because I have nothing to write about.  Sometimes I don’t blog because I’m too busy.  Bizzee, even.

Lately it’s somehow been the latter. 

So, without further ado, what I would’ve blogged if I’d had more time this week:

  1. Our work’s holiday party
  2. Someone at my work saying, completely straight-faced: “Sometimes I feel like MacGyver with my databases” and me laughing moderately hard.
  3. Juno.  It was so good!
  4. Hanging out with Jess and Peter and the inevitable Waiting for Guffman references that result.  “Hubbub hubbub”
  5. A picture of that owl
  6. My incalculable anticipation for seeing my parents tonight!
  7. My incalculable anticipation for getting to run outside this weekend in Las Vegas.
  8. This plant near my cube that is thriving only on caffeine and lack of sunlight.
  9. My incalculable anticipation for getting to spend time at an airport and on an airplane tonight!  Solitude!  Books!  Music through headphones!  Cramped spaces!  AHH!!  It’s too much!
  10. Coffee cards.  I got 3 of them for Christmas this year and I’m absolutely giddy about it.

There’s probably more, but I gotta get back to the grindstone.  The stone of grind, if you will.  But then I get to go to parent-town!!  WOO!


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