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Owl Tidings

Last night, in lieu of our normal monthly meeting, the St. Paul house church leaders gathered together for a small Christmas fiesta. Each of us were told to bring an ornament for a White Elephant style gift exchange.

In my shopping for this task, I came across a charming little owl ornament. Boy, do I love owls. And this one was singularly delightful. Made of sharp prickly stuff and twine. Perfect. I wasted no time putting him in my basket.

Let’s fast forward to the gift exchange. Ann was the second to select an ornament. She grabbed the box that my co-leader Ben had brought. The room burst into laughter as they saw her pull…an owl…out of the box. A softball sized, twiney, charming-looking owl.

I gasped.

It was the SAME OWL, you guys. THE SAME OWL!!

It was all I could do to keep myself from bursting into tear-filled laughter and excited exclamation.

This owl was the talk of the game. Whatever their opinion on this owl, whether it be of love or of hate, everyone had something to say about him.

My heart palpitated wildly as I stared at my present in the middle of the floor, yet unopened. I tried to calm myself by repeating “It’s okay, Christine. Eventually someone is going to open your present and then everyone can share in your merriment. Just be patient.” Seconds seemed like minutes. Minutes seemed like years.

Jon Dordal stole the owl from Ann earlier in the game, much to Ann’s chagrin (who at this point had grown quite attached to him). But the climax of the game occurred toward the end when Ann decided to steal back the owl from him. Instead of retaliating, Jon went for a new gift. To my complete and utter delight, he reached for mine.

I could hardly contain myself as he carefully peeled back the wrapping paper to reveal…the same owl.

My head was between my knees at this point so I didn’t get a good look at everyone’s reactions, but I did hear outbursts of disbelieving-laughter, so I reckon the reactions were probably pretty worth the minutes of agony I had to endure in waiting for my owl secrets to be revealed.


You guys, Ben and I bought the same owl.

My long-held theory has once again proven true: there must be something about Richfield that breeds this ridiculousness.

Best moment in White Elephant history – no doubt.


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