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Like water to a weary soul, so is good news from a distant land
– Proverbs 25:25

At the end of my summer in Colorado, our project group climbed Trail Ridge Rd to this peak:

(Look, it’s me!)

to watch this sunset:

We handed out Nalgenes to everyone while our faithful leader Hoops read us the above verse. Then we wrote encouraging notes to each other that were stored in these sturdy water holders. We weren’t allowed to read them until we dispersed to our home states, when this good news would indeed be coming from a distant land.

(Look, it’s us!)

It was a pretty sweet exercise – one that I’ve been reminded of almost every day as I drink water from the bright orange bottle I received that night.

Earlier today I accidentally left my Proverbs 25:25 Nalgene at the Holiday in Siren, WI on the way home from our small group retreat. I mourned for a few moments before realizing that: the verse still exists and is true, my Colorado friends and their thoughts are still as refreshing as water to a weary soul, and…it’s just a water bottle.

Unfortunately though, now I have to purchase another. My daily water intake, plus the Nalgene’s inherent communicable attributes (unbreakableness and unleakableness (except when the cap is not screwed on fully)), plus my tendency to spontaneously drop things and regularly lay water bottles upside down (hence the desirability of the aforementioned attributes) make purchasing another one kind of a given.

My question for you people is: what color? Right now it’s between sage green, ruby red, moss green, or gray. Input, por favor!

(Also, si tienen interés: the MMMP retreat was MMMtastic!)


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