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…you spend 5 minutes with me and proceed to have your mind completely blown.

Today, Anna Leisa and I were in the kitchen and we had to light a match.  I couldn’t quite get it to go, so I put it in my mouth and pulled the package away with my hand – so as to apply more force. 

Anna Leisa looked on in complete horror as she yelled “what are you doing??”

It was too late.  My eyes flinched and I yelled “ooh ow!” as I pulled the lit match out my mouth immediately.

AL, still completely dismayed, said “uhh…yeah” 

It worked though, for the record.  That match lit up like a little fast-burning angel.  Except my face has smelled like fire all day, and when I got to the dentist this morning I saw that there was smudges of ash all over my cheek.

Completely hopeless.


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