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Hole in the Wall

Some of you have been asking:  “What’s new Christine?  What are the goings on around town?  Will you please tell me about your life already? What’s up?”

Well, now you can all shut your traps. Your incessant cries have finally found an answer.

Bruises.  Bruises are what’s up. 

Not understanding quite yet? Okay then. When you have a moment, take a look at my legs, mspaint-style:

Check out those bruises.  They’re like blood tears.  All over my leg.

“What happened?!,” you ask?  Allow me to tell you.  Fun happened.  And, if there’s anything I’ve learned in my several decades of life, it’s that fun causes bruises.

You see, last night we had a leaders meeting with the other small group leaders from my house church.  We had it at Kate’s house.  On my way to use her restroom, she asked me if, instead of using the doorway, I’d like to get to the restroom through a hole in the wall.

I was incredulous, but intrigued.

This was the situation:

I thought the hole too small for a human of adult size, but she assured me that people much larger than myself have made it throught that hole before.

Not one to poo poo at a challenge, I decided to take her up on her offer.

Exhiliration of exhilirations! Oh to be upside down, with nothing but my hands to catch me, for the rest of my days! It was so much fun that I decided to come back through the hole too.

Unfortunately, the second time I didn’t go through fast enough and ended up dragging both my legs over the ledge a little too intensely. And so today, “what’s up” is bruises.

Did you see how this blog entry went full circle just there? Isn’t that cool? The introduction and the conclusion are virtually the same statement, just reworded! Aren’t I a phenomenal writer?

Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving,


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