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What is my blog, anyway?

At the wedding on Saturday, I met one of the contributors of the Chris & Qualler Pop Culture blogulator.  I told him I was one of the links on the side bar and then this conversation happened:

Harry:  So, what is your blog anyway?  What do you write about?

Me:  Um…

Harry:  Do you write on a specific topic regularly?

Me:  No, not really.

Harry:  Is it like a personal diary of your life?

Me:  …Uh, no.

Me:  Ummm…okay, I think I’ve got it.  My blog strives to say absolutely nothing in as many words as possible.

You’d think it would be weird to describe something you do on an almost daily basis as being completely void of all meaning, but I’m pretty okay with it.

Anyway, I was reminded of this conversation while watching this youtube video on JK’s blog, which describes, at length, everything I stand for writing-wise:

Some People Call Me Maurice:  Perfecting the Art of “Passive Voice” since 2005.

You know?


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