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The Waller-Mussack Affair

Who would’ve thought good ol’ Malki Waller would end up marrying the very girl that four years ago we were discussing and analyzing, in agonizing detail, over the AIM text boxes we called home? (College!  Instant Messenger! Spring Jam!  Wooooo!)

Well, me, I guess. I would’ve thought. I like these people together. Mark and Brigitte, two of the funniest most fantastically puppy-obsessed people I’ve ever met in my life, finally got themselves wedded this weekend.  It makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately, there were no puppies anywhere in sight and I was refused all my flower girl rights, but despite those minor setbacks, the ceremony and reception were pretty flawless.  The colors were beautiful, the atmosphere was phenomenal, the bride was gorgeous, the bridesmaids and groomsmen looked stunningly brown, the speeches were funny and touching, and the food was more than gorge-worthy.

And much to my delight, Mark (the musical elitist that he is) created his own playlist for the dance portion of the evening.  It was spectacular.  I felt a bit like we had been transplanted into a wedding scene from a Wes Anderson movie.  Everything and everyone was just so undeniably cool.

I think something is dawning on me.  Just now, right at this moment.

Mark and Brigitte are the coolest people I’ve ever met.  

Way cooler than ice cold.

Congratulations you guys!  May your dozens of future children come out in droves!


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