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It is cold in here

You guys, seriously:  It’s really cold in here.  Can somebody turn the heat up?

Where is it warm?  Las Vegas?  Tucson?  Texas?  The Sahara?  That’s where I’d like to be.  Any of those places.  I bet they’re all a lot nicer than my cubicle.  Warmer too.

I sure am cold.

You know how sometimes your fingers get that smooth, white, cold feeling?  I got some of that.  I think I’ll put on some mittens.  One moment.

Ahh, mittens.  My coworkers laugh during the winter when they walk by my cube and find me bundled up in mittens and a winter jacket.  It’s cold though. What else am I gonna do?

The thing about mittens though is they make your fingers so much bigger.  Like 20% bigger probably.  It just makes it so hard to type, you know?  I’ve always prided myself on being extraordinarily dextrous so, if I’m being honest, having to type with mittens on is a gigantic blow to my ego.  But at least my fingers feel warmer, right?  That’s probably what is most important right now.

Because it is freezing in here.

You know what I don’t want to do right now? 

Have a snowball fight.

So help me, if you come after me with a snowball, I’m going to throw hot tea right in your face.  Right in your face!

Yeah, okay, I’m bluffing.  I probably couldn’t throw tea at you.  Maybe a hurt stare; maybe I could throw one of those at you.  But probably not tea.  Because I like you.

I like you and I like most other things.  Not goosepimples though.  I sure don’t like goosepimples.  I get them sometimes when it’s cold, and as you would do well to learn:  I don’t prefer the cold.

You know what else?  I’m not going to vote today.  This is just too much.


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